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Vivianna Monroe

Vivianna Monroe
Awakened Human
Owner of Fables of Polaris

Vivianna is a curvaceous woman who is a highly fashionable librarian. She's a MILF.

She is of Egyptian descent.
She is an ambitious woman with an unhealthy obsession with magic.
She has a familiar she can summon and can cast hexes onto people.
Upper-Middle Class


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Curvaceous body, brown skin, and a tattoo of a snake located on her left forearm.
She has an angular face with sharp features. Noticeable cheekbones, full lips, and dimples when she smiles.
To the awakened her irises are pink.
To the u awakened her irises are dark brown.
Vivianna has shoulder length wavy hair with a hair color that could blend in with a row of plums in a grocery store.
Vivianna dresses like a fashionable librarian. Turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, high wasted pants, and astrologian themed jewelry.
Vivianna's pupils become slitted like a snake when she is using her familiar.


Socialite: Vivianna is a sociable person, she takes initiative when meeting new people. He always presents herself at her best. A pretty smile, face, and fashionable clothes goes a long way.

Devious: Vivianna's time in cults and other secret societies has molded her into a devious person. She never is fully straightforward with her words and always tries to be discreet with her goals & actions. She's secretive and also mischievous.

She is also extremely vindictive if someone were to wrong her. Also kinda a dick, she would hex someone for the pettiest shit.

Thirst for Knowledge: Vivianna only cares about one thing and it's disgusting. She has a huge obsession with magic that is just borderline unhealthy. She enjoys discovering and learning about new forms of magic as well as collecting magical artifacts. She also enjoys experimenting with magic she learns either on herself or others.

Additional Information
Vivianna is an astrologer for the aesthetics however, she will occasionally do a bullshit reading or two if asked or for the heck of it.


Ability Format

Hex Magic:

Minor: Can cast a simple misfortune hex on a single person that will cause them to have bad luck for the day.

Major: Can cast hexes that cause effects ranging from phantom sensations of pain, feelings of heightened anxiety or paranoia, or increased aggression from animals and the like, as well as nightmares. It can last a week.

Momentous: Can cast a powerful curse with an indefinite timer. She can apply any type of curse she wants to a single target. The curse can last indefinitely however there has to be a breaking condition. The curse can be broken by meeting its conditions or by Vivianna herself.

- Minor Condition: (Focus) Her spellbook
- Major Condition: (Incantation) In reverse speech while speaking in Latin, she calls forth the power of her demon daddy.
- Momentous Condition: (Material Sacrifice, Time-Locked, & Recharge), She can only cast the curse during Witching hours and needs to sacrifice an item that is valuable to the target. After this she cannot cast another hex until her next sacrifice ritual.

Core Advantage
Bound Familiar: Vivianna is able to summon a familiar snake that has been bounded to her. The snake's name is Nyxaei and it has black iridescent scales and pink eyes.
The snake can alter its size, being as small as a garden snake and as big as an anaconda.

Vivianna can telepathically command the snake as well as see through its senses. She is also able to speak through the snake at will.

Due to the origin of her magic, the snake is classified as demonic and has a Holy Weakness like a demon.
Core Disadvantage
Vivianna is required to perform a ritual sacrifice once a month under the moonlight so she is able to continue to use her magic. Failure to meet these conditions will strip her of any ability to use magic until the next month.

Her soul is also already claimed by a demon.
Witch's Sanctum: Similar to Travel Home, Vivianna is able to access a magical sanctorium located within a pocket dimension. She is able to access it by using a magical key and is able to create copies of the key to give access to others.

Current Situation

Owner of Fables of Polaris Bookstore & Publishing Company
She lives in a small restored cottage in Polaris Pass
Upper-Middle Class


Date of Birth
January 9th
Place of Birth
Vivianna was born to a normal family with zero ties to anything supernatural. It was until 13 years ago her life completely changed.

She was awakened by the result of another person's careless mistakes. For the first time in her life, she witnessed real magic, and ever since then, she became obsessed with learning it and fully understanding the world that was hidden from her for so long. She dropped out of college much to her parent's dismay, quit her job, and completely abandoned her entire life.

In her pursuit of knowledge in power she learned about a lot of things, from Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, & Eldritch. She joined up with covens, hippie camps, cults, and other secret organizations to try to find ways to gain magic.

Despite all the things she learned, Vivianna could not perform a single spell. She believed she was cursed and that kicked her unhealthy obsession with magic into overdrive.

She grew extremely desperate.
So desperate she decided to summon forth a demon and make a bargain. She honestly did not think the summoning ritual would work but it did.

She bargained her soul with the demon in exchange for power and the demon happily accepted her offer, with a few conditions which were to make animal sacrifice once a month and perform some ritual in the woods at the stroke of midnight.
This was the start of their relationship and eventually the demon ended up becoming her sugar daddy for magic.

Vivianna eventually moved to Polaris Pass and opened up a bookstore. It was here when she encountered Wednesday and took on her as an apprentice after seeing what she was capable of and learning that her demon daddy apparently had claim to her soul. Vivianna was able to negotiate with the demon to spare Wednesday's soul in exchange for her being put on the same ritual sacrifice deal as her.

Now she has been training and teaching Wednesday the craft and using her spellbook making abilities to gain money.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Commission art by Topoyiyis & Sayutb
Vivianna Monroe

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