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Yvette Travere
Physically 18, Chronologicaklly 253
Female - She/Her
University Student, Year 1

Pale and waifish, with piercing red eyes and wild rose gold hair
Amoral and capricious, with a healthy hedonistic streak and the ability to hold a grudge forever.
Standard vampire/ghost abilities, plus the ability to take qualities from others when drinking their blood.
Living with a mesmered elderly couple. Attending university in Portland. Has money she steals from her victims.


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Waifish and pale, with a cross-shaped brand on her chest and a tattoo of roses and a skull on her left thigh.
Round and youthful, with a small, sharp nose. Double fangs.
Piercing blood red.
Back length, wavy, rose gold hair that she sometimes styles intricately.
Casual clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a college campus.
Her eyes appear to be a dark hazel to the Unawakened.


Amoral and Capricious. Morality doesn't factor in to anything that Yvette does. She can help or hurt someone based entirely on her whims, which change like the winds. That isn't to say that she is entirely contrarian however. She has several pet peeves and codes of behavior that she doesn't deviate from fairly often. To her, life is a game, and there have to be rules to keep the game fun. For example, she never only kills a vampire hunter. She also makes an effort to wipe out a much of their family as she can.

Of her own kind. Vampires are important to Yvette. Becoming a vampire is the best thing to ever happen to her, and she revels in the life that it's given her. To that end, she cares deeply for other vampires and will defend them ruthlessly. This extends to a lesser extent to other people she perceives sharing a commonality with.

Hedonist. As noted above, Yvette treats life like a game. If she isn't having fun, then she doesn't want to play. Her main goal in her life is to enjoy herself as much as possible and to avoid pain at all costs.

Additional Information
Her French accent is all but gone from the time she's spent in the States, but when she is frustrated or angry it can come back in strides.


Vampire, Ghost

+ x3 Human Speed
+ x2 Human Strength
+ Animal Senses (Cat)
+ Intangible Form
+ Turning Bite
+ Silent Movement
+ Mesmer
= Longevity

Core Advantage
Written in Blood: When drinking the blood of a person, Yvette can copy a physical quality or memories that that person has and give it to herself. This can include youth, beauty, hair or eye color, or any other thing she wishes. She can only copy one quality from a particular victim and only gains the quality in proportion to how much of their blood she drinks. She can heal a wound this way, provided the victim does not have the same wound. She cannot gain supernatural qualities this way.
Took Mesmer Advantage without corresponding Disadvantage.
Nerfs and Flavor
When in her intangible form, Yvette seems to turn into mist. She can float her way through cracks, but not airtight barriers.

Current Situation

University Student, Finance and Statistics
She lives with an elderly couple that she has mesmered into believing that she is a visiting relative.
Her college fund is paid for using money from her 'grandparents.' Any spending money comes from her victims, who she usually robs when she drinks from them.


Date of Birth
June 25
Place of Birth
Paris, France
  • Born in pre-revolutionary France. Grew up working as a house servant. When the Reign of Terror started, her attempts to keep her head down got her labeled as a counter-revolutionary and she was thrown in a prison cell with a feral, half-dead man to await her trial and execution. When the sun set, he revealed himself to be a vampire. Him drinking from her turned Yvette, and the two of them began a love affair that painted the streets of Paris redder than they already were.
  • After moving around Europe to keep ahead of some vampire hunters, the couple finally moved to America, where they parted ways after a falling out. He went south and she went north, to New York.
  • She spent many years bouncing around the socialite scene of New York society, changing her appearance and taking on new identities when she needed to fake her untimely demise. It was here that she eventually joined the women's suffrage movement, intrigued by their political messages and keenly aware that more political power would let her live more independently, rather than rely on a man to marry. It was here that she met Rose Wiley, and as the two of them went on in their relationship, she turned her into a vampire as well so they could be together longer.
  • A new clade of vampire hunters sprung up and began zeroing in on Rose and Yvette. When it was clear that they couldn't outmaneuver these better-prepared hunters, Yvette decided to try and reverse the hunter-prey dynamic on them. This ended with her having a cross burned into her chest, and seemingly dying in the arms of one of the hunters as the sun came up and Rose was forced to flee or meet the same fate. Yvette did not burn however, and draining the hunter who had seemingly felled her, she used the memories that she gained from him to systematically hunt down the rest of his group.
  • This took her many, many years as they scattered and splintered across the growing United States. During this time she made no attempts to keep up with her former contacts or her financial interests, entirely taken up with the thrill of this massive scavenger hunt she'd put herself on.
  • After a while though, she eventually settled down when she was satisfied with how much she'd thinned the herd. So she started looking into finding her old flame, Rose, and deciding what she wanted to do with herself now.
  • Moving to Polaris Pass with information that Rose was living there, she set herself up in a home with two unawakened humans and applied for classes at the local university to get herself a proper education for the first time.

Additional Information

Art Credits
This Dollmaker by Elequinoa, with edits done by myself.
Allenord on Twitter.
Yvette Travere

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