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Welcome to Starlit Avenue! We are an 18+ account-per-player forum roleplay, focused on a supernatural community in the Pacific Northwest. We are a slice-of-life style roleplay focusing on interpersonal drama and the struggles that come with being a discreet community of supernatural beings living in close proximity to mundane humans. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our guidebook, linked at the top of the site.

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  1. Kada

    Headless Horseman Seeking Any

    My boney boy, Ceallaigh, is a lonely lad. He has lived a long time and even though he has learned to accept the inevitable in many regards, he still has difficulty accepting the notion that his love life is doomed to constant failure and tragedy. Being a forward thinking man, he has put himself...
  2. Kada

    A couple of character ideas

    I have a couple of vague ideas for characters that I'd like to run by you all. Anyone interested can hit me up on Discord or via Conversations here on the site to hash out specifics. The Familiar: A spellcaster living in Polaris Pass gets themselves a familiar, maybe as a gift or a purchase...
  3. Kada

    Ugh, fine! I guess you are my little WIPchamp. C'mere.

    App Title: Mathieu Malivani Tag line: A brief, one-line description of your character. Banner Image: If you have one, please insert an image you are using for your banner (or icon). This should be no more than 200 pixels tall. This should use
  4. Kada


    Dahlia Black is the frontwoman for an all femme heavy rock/power metal band called Two Thirds Valor. The band is successful enough on their own merits now, but a lot of their early success is owed to Dahlia's mother, Malara, funding them and getting them gigs despite their early lack of talent...
  5. Kada

    Just Passing Through, I Swear

    My boy Dorian is new in town, and despite his stand-offish attitude and caginess, he's kind of intrigued by this town and will be sticking around for a while despite his insistence that he's "just passing through." Right now he's living in the woods, recycling cans and bottles that he pulls out...