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  1. Zora

    Steppin' Stefan

    Take your time, and allow yourself some adjustment periods. But overall, enjoy Germany.
  2. Zora

    Happy Birthday Pallas! To the gneiss-est guy I know! 😺 And remember ... The older geologists...

    Happy Birthday Pallas! To the gneiss-est guy I know! 😺 And remember ... The older geologists get, the harder they rock!
  3. Zora

    Happy Belated Birthday! 🎈

    Happy Belated Birthday! 🎈
  4. Zora

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful cake filled day! 🍰

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful cake filled day! 🍰
  5. Zora

    Sorry guys

    Yes, it was fun having you here with us. But I totally understand how life can get hectic at times. Take care of yourself, Jewel!
  6. Zora

    Work and home life are mad, might be slow answering posts.

    Work and home life are mad, might be slow answering posts.
  7. Zora

    Fe Glaux - bio amended

    Bio amended to include the name of her youtube channel called, Cosmetics, Couture and the Uncanny
  8. Zora

    Private Nurse and/or Companion

    Great, I'll DM you later today and we can sort things out.
  9. Zora

    Private Nurse and/or Companion

    Sure, I'd be down for that! I've just read Gilly's app, and I think she'd (Natasha) would actually be a good fit as a nurse for Gilly if you wanted to have her hired on to look after him.
  10. Zora

    Private Nurse and/or Companion

    bump. Ad is open again
  11. Zora

    The Simple Things

    A quaint shop located near the touristy area of Polaris Pass. The Simple Things sells handmade and locally produced products like wine, handmade soaps, scented beeswax and soy candles, hand-blown glass items, homemade fudge, chocolates, and old-fashioned candies, fine stationery sets, and much...
  12. Zora

    Zoraida del Bosque

    Zoraida grew up in Polaris Pass and spent part of her university years studying in Andorra where she studied International Law, a degree she only half-heartedly pursued at the urging of her parents. Deciding, a few years into the degree, that law was not for her, she dropped out and backpacked...
  13. Zora

    The Dog Pound

    The Pound is a strip club/bar and restaurant recently opened by the Volkovs. It is in an older renovated building situated just a mile beyond the Polaris Pass town limits and serves the general area and beyond. It has booze, babes, pool tables, some gambling -tables and machines-, strippers and...
  14. Zora

    Volkov Biker Gang

    The Volkovs are a biker gang that has its home base in Polaris Pass and has been around since the early 1970s. It was started by Anton Volkov, Kalista's and Malakias's, father. The gang is now in partial control of the drug markets in and around Seattle and Portland with future plans to expand...
  15. Zora

    Private Nurse and/or Companion

    Oh! Yes, I'd be quite interested in Natasha being Lebeda's nurse/companion. And there's no huge rush, I would just like to get Natasha connected with a character so I can plot later.
  16. Zora

    Private Nurse and/or Companion

    Natasha Petrov, my lovely Russian vampire, is a trained nurse who hires herself out as a night shift nurse to unawakened folk, or a dedicated full-time nurse or companion to the awakened or supernatural. If anyone has a character that needs a private nurse, nanny, or a companion, feel free to...
  17. Zora

    Natasha Petrov

    Natasha was born in the time of Catherine the Great in Russia. She is from a family of aristocrats and spent many of her formative years in the Russian court and later as a lady in waiting. During her time as a lady-in-waiting, she met a very charming Viscount who would later turn her into a...
  18. Zora

    Biker Gang Members Wanted

    Hello everyone! I am looking for people who want to be part of the Volkov biker gang. Characters do not need to be werewolves, although they must be awakened humans at a minimum. Also, While the gang has a motherhouse in Aurum Heights, they try to keep the bulk of their drug dealings away...
  19. Zora

    Kalista Volkov

    Kalista, like twin brother Malakias, was born into the Volkov wolf pack and biker gang. The pack was originally founded by her grandparents when they were run out of Eastern Europe by a rival werewolf clan in the early 1960s The Volkovs originally came to Polaris Pass in the late 60s and opened...
  20. Zora

    Tomas del Bosque

    Tomas grew up in Polaris Pass like his siblings. When he was 18, he went to university in England where he studied Business with Masters in Finance. During this time abroad, he partied hard and had various one-night stands as well as a few long and short-term flings. One of his longer than six...