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Welcome to Starlit Avenue! We are an 18+ account-per-player forum roleplay, focused on a supernatural community in the Pacific Northwest. We are a slice-of-life style roleplay focusing on interpersonal drama and the struggles that come with being a discreet community of supernatural beings living in close proximity to mundane humans. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our guidebook, linked at the top of the site.

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  1. Kait

    Jasper ICC Log

    6 June 2022 - Seasonal icc - Link to start / Link to end Jasper goes out to the lake and sees his crush who he won't admit is a crush, Henrietta. He also meets Art Septus. He askes Art if he's a real cat, and Henrietta confirms that he is. Jasper thinks this means Bakeneko. Art is obviously...
  2. Kait

    Ganymede's ICC Logs

    Link - Gany and REese 6 November 2021 Ganymede and Reese meet at wagon station park by the oversized chess board where they initially met. Gany opens up about his legal age change and his chronological age, as well as the fact his father went missing. He wanted to be honest with her so she...
  3. Kait

    Weekend gig for La La Labrys

    Hey all, I've noticed quite a few characters expressing interest in attending one of the shows put on by La La Labrys over this weekend. For anyone not clear on this, La La Labrys is a band comprised of bassist/vocalist Madeline Moore, lead guitar/vocalist Shir Fareed, and drummer Aspen Frost...
  4. Kait

    Riley Keegan ICC Logs

    Character link: Riley Keegan First post will be knocking out my current backlog of unlogged private ICC sessions —- 09 NOV 2021 with Alex Drake and Dahlia Black: link Summary: Riley and Dahlia meet Alex in his basement. Alex reveals that he got ambushed by two of Emelie Incendo's relatives...
  5. Kait

    Students for Justice Reform

    Students for Justice Reform (SJR) is a school club at True North Academy. Founded by former student council president Riley Keegan, their purpose as an organization is to agitate for changes to the justice systems they'll face in their lives. These include: Criminal law / Court system reform...
  6. Kait

    Wanted: Rose's nek0

    Just what it says on the tin. I'm looking for someone to play the nek0 that my character Rose owns. She's the president of the NEK0 owner's association, and she's been using her hypnotic mind control powers to help her train her nek0 and keep control over them. The triggers would be used for...
  7. Kait

    WIP me harder

    SECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: Malina Olcan Age: 280 chronological, 25 physically Gender: Female (mtf), She/Her Species: Werewolf (Olcan), fae-touched Occupation: Forest Ranger Appearance: Brown hair in a big braid with a bow in it. Nasty scars on her face, neck and arm. Often dressed like she's...