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Welcome to Starlit Avenue! We are an 18+ account-per-player forum roleplay, focused on a supernatural community in the Pacific Northwest. We are a slice-of-life style roleplay focusing on interpersonal drama and the struggles that come with being a discreet community of supernatural beings living in close proximity to mundane humans. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our guidebook, linked at the top of the site.

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true north student

For all students of True North Academy.
  1. Lotharingia

    Barty Crawford

    Ever since he was young, Barty has defined himself in opposition to his traditional, old money family. Everything from his appearance to the way he conducts himself to the people he associates with, all of it is done to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to his family as far as he can get...
  2. Big Jeffe

    Emelie Dorakir

    Emelie is the most recent member of the Incendo family. a very old, very powerful dragon clan. She was the last one to hatch, and by far the smallest. As a child she was largely dismissed by the other members of her clan, written off as a mere runt who would never account to much. This enraged...
  3. Big Jeffe

    James Lawsen

    James was born as the youngest child of a fire dragon, and a human mother. Unfortunately, his mother died during child birth, and the dragon didn't exactly know or care to learn how to raise a human child, so he promptly abandoned James. Thankfully, his mother had a younger brother, a...
  4. Boop

    Zenith Devry

    - Created in Hell, hellhounds were basically treated as work animals, slaves, and expendable fighters. - Kidnapped by angels. They were taking hellhounds and experimenting on them to figure out how to make their own, and justified it as them being demons. - Experiments made him weak and sickly...
  5. Max!!

    Shir Fareed

    Shir was born and raised in Polaris Pass to a pair of very magically inclined humans. The spirit of a Nemean Lion fused with him before his birth resulting in him being born with its abilities as well as cat like features. His siblings are also both different species of feline wild souls. Shir’s...
  6. Pallas

    Huong Anh Long

    For most of her life, Houmg knew not of her origins. When her father discovered the seemingly abandoned baby girl happily suckling on a fallen dragon fruit with no parents in sight, he took it as a sign that his wife’s prayers for another child was finally answered. It was that day which the...
  7. Max!!

    Roa Riot

    Raging Onslaught Aggressor Riot, or Roa as he is more commonly known as was orphaned as an infant and left to die in a dumpster. He was found by a lust demon named Loveless who took him in, named, taught, and raised him like a son. Their section of hell had been in a century long war with...
  8. Kait

    Madeline "Maddie" Moore

    Madeline grew up in a rural southern town with fairly religious parents. As a baby, she cried during her baptism and got a terrible rash afterwards. As she grew up, she became increasingly averse to going to church. When she was nine years old she sprouted horns and her powers began to manifest...
  9. Max!!

    Valerian Briarfan

    He is the youngest of the Briarfan siblings. Val was born in the Hanging Garden Court, like his other siblings. His parents found his serpentine features rather cute. His predisposition to hunting seemed to be a trait he had since he was able to walk. His mother in particular took to properly...
  10. Kait

    Riley Keegan

    Riley had started speaking in full, articulate sentences by the time she was 18 months old. This was, of course, very strange. Stranger still were the things she'd revealed to them - including the fact that the vivid, shared dreams her parents had before her birth were prophetic, and that she...
  11. Lich

    Isabella Blackthorn

    Isabella Blackthorn was born the youngest of two sisters and one brother in the tourist town of Polaris Pass. Like all her siblings and father Isabella is a Hadrian blooded witch who stems from the plane of the same namesake Hadria. A plane with deep magical integration the people of Hadria live...
  12. Big Jeffe

    Sylvi Thorsblood

    Sylvi was born as the child of the god Thor, and a Valkyrie. Initially, there was some dispute over whether she should be raised in Asgard as a child of Thor, or become a Valkyrie. However, that question was soon answered when she tried to join in a sparring session in Valhalla while visiting...
  13. Fox Tarts

    Hwang Jae-Seong

    Jae-Seong was born in South Korea and spent most of his early childhood on the move with his mother. Eun-Ji was a master manipulator and used Jae's song to secure food, money, and shelter. From the moment Jae was capable of taking orders, his mother used him for her own benefit. She exploited...
  14. Max!!

    Alexander Drake

    For several decades Alex was just an egg on a shelf. A decoration piece in a mage’s collection of magical oddities. And then one day, he hatched. He hatched and with no one to challenge him, claimed the collection as his hoard. The humans who would come to be his parents were understandably...