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Fall Happenings


Mar 15, 2021
Want to note something that was reported to the police? Want to mention a rumor that would be circling? This is the place! Whether it's gossip, news, or something more serious, please be clear about what is being spread. What's the information? Who would be hearing it? And if it's related to a specific thread, please link the thread so people can read for more context.

Do you want to see how things might play out based on what's happening in your characters story? Do you think it might make an interesting jumping off point for a site plot?

When posting a rumor or event, please mention that you're okay with the staff using it as part of a plot. Not every post may end up as one, but staff will use happenings as springboards with player permission.
Home Invasion and Service Animal Injury

Late Friday night, Enzo Sciarra returned to his apartment in Polaris Pass to find his television gone, a window broken, but most importantly his mobility assistance dog Beau unconscious and injured.

Beau was rushed to an emergency animal clinic for treatment, and at this time seems to be in stable condition. Only time will tell the extent of the damage done to him though.

Police have so far not been able to get any forensic evidence that would lead them to name a suspect.

Who can know? Anyone who knows Enzo well would have gotten a frantic text about it. Police and those affiliated can know as well, and soon enough word will likely spread to everyone.

Staff Event? Nah. I got this. Don't worry about it.
Where's Kai?

Since the new term started, Kai has been inexplicably absent. From about a month before prom / around the time of the Portland trip he'd been super excited for, he'd been acting odd but recently he seems to have fallen off the radar completely. He hasn't been in school and he's been particularly hard to get a hold of though seems to be online a fair bit.

Who can know?
Anyone who knows Kai. Jun would still be in semi regular contact, possibly Heather sporadically and Artemis maybe even less so since the blanket fort incident.

Staff Event?
Nahh, all's good :)
Hit Novel Series Gets Movie Deal

The recent release of the third novel in the Wright and Wrong quartet by the enigmatic P.S. Nightingale has been a commercial and critical success, though many fans of the series are hardly surprised by this. More surprising is that with the release of the first book, it has been confirmed that the first novel, titled Wright and Wrong, is in pre-production for a film adaptation.

Who can know?
Anyone and everyone.

Staff plot?
Sure if you can think of anything extra juicy for it.
Mystery Teen Found & Lost

A teenager was found unconscious near a suburb in Polaris Pass this Tuesday. A passer-by spotted him and promptly called an ambulance. He was brought to the hospital, but after receiving an IV and eating the teen disappeared from his room. The window was found open, so it's suspected he escaped through there, despite the room residing in the 5th floor.

Who can know?
Anyone who works at the hospital, the police, and there was a small article in the local paper

Staff plot?
If you can think of something
A New Olcan Alpha

After a ceremonial fight in the Wolf's Den gym, Malina Olcan has become the new alpha of Polaris Pass's long-lived Olcan werewolf pack. This was a planned and (mostly) peaceful transition of power from Tasha to Malina. The fight was meant to respect ancient pack traditions, and the two only sustained light injuries.

When Tasha went missing one year ago, many members of the pack already saw Malina as their 'acting' alpha. This was rumored to have been 'a long time coming,' according to some Olcans and those close to them.

Many members of the local supernatural community are familiar with the Olcan pack, alternately seeing them as protectors of the veil, overly nosy neighbors, or self-appointed sheriffs providing vigilante justice under the noses of mundane authorities, for better or worse. The change in leadership raises questions about what role the pack will play in the community going forward.

Who Can Know?

Anyone who's been around long enough to know about the Olcans, especially those in the pack and their friends.

Staff Plot?

Sure! Maybe this emboldens someone or something in town to try to start some trouble because they think they can get away with it now.
The Black Rabbit Opens for Business

After renovations were done to a long abandoned storefront off of the main strip of Polaris Pass, the building has officially opened as the Black Rabbit Cajun Bistro. They're hiring hosts and cooks, but full disclosure no Sleepers will be hired for any back of house work.

Who can know?

Anyone and everyone

Staff Plot

I dunno if there's anything you can do with it but if you have ideas, sure.