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Jessie Wants


Alien Fucker
Mar 28, 2021
So hey, I have a few plot ideas for the man, the myth, and the legend: Jessie Muddafuckin Robyns.

Honestly, I just want to do dumb criminal shit.

Housing: Right now Jessie is mostly living in a tent camping out in the woods until he gets money to spend for a weekend stay at some nice hotel. He is completely living off shit he has stolen: Clothes, food, credit cards, and IDs.

I guess someone could find his tent and help him or fuck with him.

Crime: Jessie is down bad. So he has resulted to robbing and stealing shit. He is currently Polaris Pass as a "hunting grounds". He robbing as many tourists as he can and is looking to break into and steal shit out the homes of he lovely residents of Aurum Heights.

I'm looking for potential targets and/or partners in crime.