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Rosary Plant Nursery


Jun 16, 2022
A small shopfront on the farther side of Starlit Avenue. The building is older and flat-faced, fixed up with a shady overhang and hanging windowsill pots for various plants. A black sign with gold lettering bears the shop's name. The large glass windows on the front are frosted slightly, but the interior is still very much visible. It's decorated with things like twisted iron fences, lace, and polished woods. It has a cozy, older style complete with an old school cash register made of brass at the front counter located on the western wall. It smells of delicate, natural floral scents and pine.

The center of the room holds tables of premade floral arrangements and seedlings. The eastern wall is lined with gardening tools and seeds available for purchase.

The back wall is lined with shelves of ribbons, vases, and other decorations used to assemble the arrangement. A counter separates the back area, and is lined with the custom orders awaiting pickup by customers. A book full of pictures on the counter displays all the flower, vase, and card/decoration options for custom orders.

The backdoor leads to a backyard. Being on the end of Starlit Avenue, the area behind the shops is a stretch of grass and trees that slowly fade into the natural forests surrounding the town. There is a fenced garden where the flora and vegetables are grown. Some are in the open in plots, others are housed in a greenhouse in pots where they can grow out of season. A crow lives there, eating the various pests that threaten the plants.

The shop is owned by Selene Bobellon, a newcomer to town who seemingly appeared overnight. She has a sweet but strong disposition, welcoming all her customers with a warm smile and eyes. She purchased the property from Victor Togreth. Employees include herself, Selene's attendant Timothy, and a Sleeper woman named Anne. Selene is planning on hiring more people once the business takes proper hold in the community.
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