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The Back Cupboard


Oct 31, 2023
The back cupboard is small establishment in Polaris Pass settled a short walk from the bridge to Aural Hights. It opens first as a Cafe at noon so students can take their lunches and stop in after school let's out. At about 7 or so the bar begins serving alchohal and underage clientele are no longer served officially. Old Dom wishes for the establishment to be somewhere people from any walk of life can mingle and feel at home.

The front room is lit with filament lamps, casting a soft yellow light over most of the room. Latticed windows let the afternoon sun in for a cheerier atmosphere while the Cafe is open. The seats are appolstered in leather, and a glass case set into one corner of the bar displays various desserts available for the day. A small antique jukebox sits in a back corner, filling the room with most often folk tunes and sometimes smooth jazz.

The entrance is narrow, sporting just the mahogany bar and a single row of booths against the opposite wall. Once past the bar the room opens up into a dining space speckled with small tables and a small 3-person stage. Candlesticks stand on some of the table and can be lit on request.

The one public room off the dining area is fixed up to look like a log cabin. The walls have a stacked log facade, and the floor sports a bear skin rug. A fire crackles in a stone fireplace (behind a glass pane for safety reasons,) and a tank of water creates a simulation of snowfall outside a window. The room host just two table and is commonly an extention to the dining room, though it can be rented with some notice for private events.

Just in case he ever comes upon a need for it, Old Dom has a simple room hidden by a swinging shelf behind the bar. It houses a simple bed, a shelf, a few books, and an adjoining restroom with a shower. The flooring and wallpaper isn't as fancy as the main space, but he keeps the room clean and stocked with a few days of provisions.