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The Dragon's Lair

May 11, 2021
'The Dragon's Lair – Jewelry Purchase and Sale Offerings'

The Dragon's Lair is a new and freshly opened jewelry store in Polaris Pass, located just within a back alley at the main street of the town. The store itself is equipped with the finest of modern architecture and technology; peppered with security cameras and multiple anti-theft devices, large reinforced windows and an automatic door to welcome in customers. The ambient overall is kept very modern, with grays, blacks and white colors dominating over the area.

The interior of the shop is kept extremely clean and well polished, with glass cabinets and display cases lined up in the middle of the room in a decorative way to lead people in a well thought out thread through the offered goods. Necklaces, rings, earrings, up to statuettes and figurines, crystals, gems and several other valuable and extremely expensive items can be found within those well secured display cases.

Further in the back, located at the walls are huge glass pillars that rise up high under the roof, showcasing the more rarest of jewelry and items the store has to offer. At the same end is an area marked for customers who want to take a small break from their tour; a water dispenser, some magazines, a couch, a desk with some flowers and two chairs offer enough room to take a small breather.

A massive black marbled counter that serves as the main table and area for any purchases made can be found just at the left corner of the store with two medium sized monitors hanging at the wall behind, which are playing advertisement spots in a loop for the shop.

The owner is a large individual named Yersinia Nivag, a foreigner who just recently moved over to Polaris Pass to set up his business. Two employees work within the shop to serve anyone who enters and help them choose the right item.


Supernaturals Only Service: The store also offers specific goods, such as magical items, and 'not so legal' food sources for the supernatural community, unseen and hidden from any humans in the buildings basement. To seek those items, it is best advised to talk to the owner personally.