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Volkov Biker Gang


Mar 25, 2021
The Volkovs are a biker gang that has its home base in Polaris Pass and has been around since the early 1970s. It was started by Anton Volkov, Kalista's and Malakias's, father. The gang is now in partial control of the drug markets in and around Seattle and Portland with future plans to expand their operations to other activities. And while it started out as a few werewolves running drugs for larger gangs, over time they have slowly started letting in members from all walks of supernatural life. The Volkovs have even had a few awakened humans over the decades.

At present, the gang is controlled by Kalista and Malakias, twin werewolves, and made up of old and new members. The headquarters are still based out of "The Garage" or Volkov Motors where Anton fixes bikes and cars. The Volkovs also have a safe house/house in Aurum Heights for members where they can live rent-free, but always following house rules so as not to cause too many problems with their neighbours.

The Volkovs also have an insignia of a wolf under a full moon that they use as patches on their jackets, decals on their bikes, or tattoos.

Insignia commissioned by me from Moffaj

Pack Standings:
Olcans - Rivals

Blood Wolves:
Kalista Volkov
Malakias (still in progress)

Darius Walker
Jean-François Côté (Still in progress)



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