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Welcome to Starlit Avenue! We are an 18+ account-per-player forum roleplay, focused on a supernatural community in the Pacific Northwest. We are a slice-of-life style roleplay focusing on interpersonal drama and the struggles that come with being a discreet community of supernatural beings living in close proximity to mundane humans. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our guidebook, linked at the top of the site.

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Mar 15, 2021
**Starlit Avenue** had its start in 2005, as Starlight Academy, and relaunched in 2021 with an updated setting. We are a self-hosted Xenforo forum that’s mobile friendly, has multiple backgrounds, and has dark/light modes. Our roleplays focuses on **supernatural and slice-of-life themes.** While adult and combat content are allowed, it is not a focus, and sensitive content must be tagged appropriately. For this reason, **we only accept members 18 and older;** though characters may be any age.

We operate on a lower, yet flexible, power scale compared to some other modern fantasy settings, allowing humanity capable of defending themselves if they know what they are up against. The secrecy maintained by the Veil protects the supernatural from humanity just as much as the inverse is true.

Variety and freedom is an important feature of our site. All characters are submitted under one account, and there is no limit on how many can be made. Species customization is unlimited, allowing for mythological/supernatural species, hybrids, and player-made species. We do not use face claims, allowing for the choice between real life and artworks, with artwork being the most used. Credits must be given, and art cannot be used *if* an artist says so on their social media.

Other features include:
+ Literate; Third Person; Past Tense
+ No Character Limit
+ No Minimum Word Count
+ Discord RP - Script; Real-Time; Present Tense; Public and Private Channels
+ Diversity: Many characters and members come from a variety of backgrounds. We are openly supportive of the LGBTQ+ and PoC communities!

> > Welcome to Polaris Pass, a small tourist town an hour and a half outside of Portland, Oregon. Overlooking North Star Lake, this town is popular for its natural splendor and unusually spooky reputation, for there is a dense supernatural and magical community hiding in plain sight.
> In this world, the supernatural is hidden by a vast force of nature called The Veil. Humans who cannot see the sharp ears of an elf or the lower body of a centaur are called Sleepers, while humans who can are called the Awaken. Those in between who are slowly being revealed what’s behind the Veil are called Awakening.

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