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Spring Happenings

Fresh Blood in the Pit

There's been a good bit of fresh talent flowing into the fight circuits lately. There are several standouts among the matches, however it was the masked fighter Frost Mortar who stood out. Frost Mortar managed to beat out Ziggy Gang-Gang, also known as Jump Force One. The stoic Frost managed to take out Ziggy and all of his clones utilizing swift minimalistic movements, and a bokken made from Cocytus Steel partially freezing and knocking them out. It's hard to say how much he was holding back, but the crowd seemed to love it despite Ziggy being the one favored to win

Who Can Know?: Anyone who follows Pit fight brackets. (DM me for more deets and the like)

Site Plot?: Nah

Related Characters/Threads: Sazz Deceleus and the rest of the Pit crew, Dahlia Black, Cleo Felix. Events happened not too long after this thread took place
Stray Animals Sightings

There's been a strange increase of stray animal sightings around town. People have mostly spotted cats and a couple of dogs. Also, there is now a dedicated “Catstreet” which is an alleyway in town where the majority of the stray cats seem to hang out now.

Some tourists have started to believe this is actually an “attraction”. It doesn't help that it seems someone is leaving things for the cats, various toys, and an old outdoor cat tower.

So far, the stray animals have mostly been minding their business. Old Man Larry from local Animal Control has requested people to report any stray animal sightings. He seems very annoyed with Catstreet and is working on a way to “clear it out.

Who Can Know: Anyone

Site Plot: :)?

Related Characters: None

Open Thread: Welcome To Catstreet
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Lost Pets

Over the past few days, a few local residents had some of their pets gone missing. They have simply disappeared in the middle of the night.

There's also have been a few reports of strange noises that have sent some of the neighborhood dogs into a barking frenzy.

There's seems to have been at least one pet to have gone missing every night.

Pets & Pets Owners:

Auntie Mabel:
Sweet old woman, owns a local bakery known for her cookies. Missing cat named Mr. Snookums

Reward: A free batch of Auntie Mabel's cookies every month, a kiss on the cheek, and $200 cash reward.

Brody Gardner:
“Alpha”, Single* Fitness & lifestyle coach, his Rottweiler: Rocky, went missing on Tuesday. He is very distraught and a blubbering mess.

Reward: $1000 cash reward

The Stevens Family:
Mr. & Mrs. Stevens family dog, Flower, a Golden Retriever went missing on Saturday morning

Reward: $500 cash reward

Who Can Know: Anyone

Site Plot: idk

Related Characters: None