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Coral Welkin

Coral Welkin
33 years.
Awakened Human.
Owner of The Starlite Magic Shoppe.

She is a chubby plain woman with dark orange hair and a sweet smile.
Do not let that smile fool you. She would tear out your heart, still wearing that smile.
In the daylight, she can become a dark orange (coral) cloud.
She can conjure up small objects to objects about the size of a dishwasher.
She makes a decent living from her shop and her other ventures and lives on the Welkin's Estate a couple of miles out of Polaris Pass.


5' 8".
Weather-beaten olive skin. Her curves are masked by her chubbiness, weighing 170 Lbs.
Oval with dark-orange bushy eyebrows. The only piercings are in her earlobes, which she wears gaudy earrings.
Piercing sky-blue (azure).
Short dark-orange (coral).
Usually, she wears blue jeans and T-shirts.


She was initially loyal to her father, but that loyalty has been slipping since she has become aware of what he truly is. In its place is loyalty and respect for those of Polaris Park, especially for certain persons here.

She is in control of her emotions, especially her temper. She rarely raises her voice, but when she does, you have better listen.

She likes to be in control but is smart enough to keep her motives a secret.

Additional Information
She is usually not too excitable unless money or magic is mentioned.


Ability Format

+ Conjuring.
+ Minor: Small objects about the size of a hand.
+ Major: Medium object about the size of a small microwave.
+ Momentous: Large objects about the size of a dishwasher.
- Minor Condition: Gesture (one hand palm up while the other taps the palm).
- Major Condition: Incantation (Qualiane phrase spelling out precisely what she is conjuring in detail).
- Momentous Condition: Recharge (It takes three weeks for her to rebuild her magic).

Core Advantage
She can transform at will into a dark-orange, almost coral-colored cloud from 6 to 15 cubic feet. She can not revert to human form for 15 minutes after that and can not change into cloud form again for an hour. Nor can she take that form at night. If she is in her cloud form at sunset, she will be forced back to be human, which is very disorienting. She has to become a cloud at least once every 24 hours, or she will melt into a pile of coral-colored goo. She has a medicine she takes when she can not make the change in time. As a cloud, she can move up to 1 mile by compressing herself into a point, popping out of another point as her destination, but her goal must be in the line of sight.
1: She keeps a tarantula size spider with the intelligence of a dog called Matilda whose bite and silk put them to sleep.
2: She owns an old bank vault that is a portal to a pocket dimension. When the door is open, the inside is like a regular bank vault with safety deposit boxes and shelves, closed it is an empty space.
Nerfs and Flavor
Nerf: She can not create anything living, magical, valuable (such as silver, gold, and precious jewels), or more technically advanced than a crossbow.

Current Situation

She is the shop owner of The Starlite Magic Shoppe.
She lives on the Welkin's Estate a couple miles outside of Polaris Park and close to Mount Carlos (where her cult meets).
She makes a decent living from her shop and her other ventures.


Date of Birth
June 14.
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass.
  • She is the result of the mating between Azure (a dethroned Ruler/God of a dream realm) and the High Priestess of his cult.
  • After various testing, she was found to be the next High Priestess.
  • Fifteen years passed while she taught the history, lore, and responsibilities of the cult.
  • When she was ready, she challenged and defeated her mother, becoming the new High Priestess.
  • She took over her mother's shop.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Artflow AI.
Anything Else
She is the High Priestess of The Azurite cult. She wears a deep blue robe with golden trim, a diadem and carries a gnarled oak staff with a glowing deep blue jewel as its headpiece while doing her priestly duties.

The Azurite cult are worshipers of Azure determined to restore him to his rightful place.

Azure (as he is called now) was once the Ruler/God of a dream realm. He was defeated by two Rulers/Gods of two other realms and imprisoned in the Earth. He is named Azure because of the color of the cloud he becomes. During every Winter Solstice (in both the northern and southern hemispheres), he can walk the earth for 3 days.
Coral Welkin

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