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Thomas Kardain.

Thomas Kardain (assumed identity) / Azure (real name).
Physically 50 / Azure's true age is unknowable.
None, but presents as male in Thomas's body.
Cloud phantom dragon possessed human.
Deity of a cult.

He looks like an old bum.
Quiet, unassuming, but ever watching.
They can enter another's dream, and create minor illusions while on Earth.
He lives in their original prison dimension, and if he needs any money, he can get some from his worshipers.


5' 7" (170 cm).
It's pale and old, with wrinkles and a little paunch around the middle.
A simple round face that is clean-shaven.
Sad jade green eyes.
Short and unkempt mouse gray hair.
Dumpy old man style. Loose long-sleeved pullover shirts and pants with suspenders. Usually bland grays and browns.
He has an old gnarled oak walking stick and walks with a limp. Azure's true form (and the one presented in dreams) is a dark blue (azure, thus his name) colored cloud phantom in the form of a zombie dragon.


Devious and cunning: Almost everything he does is intentional and for his goals. He does so through trickery and deceit, using subtitle suggestions and usually in the background.

Patient: He waited and plotted for 10,000 years to start his plan, then waited again for another 1,000 years while he was imprisoned. What is a few more centuries to get what he wants?

A bizarre set of ethics: Although he has no qualms about lying and deceiving anyone, if he gives his word, he will keep it despite the cost. Another oddity is the only way to go to their Heaven is to be murdered. All others disappear.


Ability Format

Minor Illusions, Travel home (his original prison dimension buried deep in the earth), Apex attribute (regeneration), Unliving.
Imminent, Diminished Attributes (Strength, Durability), Diminished Attributes (Speed, Endurance), Debt Bound.
Dream walking.
Core Disadvantage
They can only travel to the material plane for up to three days at a time before returning to their dimension to rest for a day and (except for the Soltices) in Thomas' body. During the Solstices, they can visit the material plane in its true form but lose their ability to create minor illusions and their unliving attribute.
Nerfs and Flavor
He can only enter another's dream from his domain if he has an item from that person and only while the dreamer dreams. But once in a dream, he has the same power as the dreamer. Although that item can be used to track and whisper to that person, it can only be used once to dream walk. Once the dreamer wakes, he is forced out.
He is bound to those things he has promised.

Current Situation

Deity of a cult.
In their original prison dimension and occasionally in their temple.
Being a deity, he does not need money, but if he does, he can get some from his worshipers.


Date of Birth
Jan 29 (possessed Jun 22).
Place of Birth
New York, New York, USA.
  • Thomas' life was pretty mundane until Azure approached him.
  • At fifty, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Azure, in a dream, offered Thomas an alternate life in exchange for his body, which Thomas accepted.
  • Thomas' soul was transported to Azure's Heaven inside the Dream realm while Azure took possession of his now-dead body.
  • What Thomas did not know was Azure arranged his cancer so he could take possession of his body. Of all the people Azure examined, Thomas had all the properties he wanted.

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