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Instead of Reese waking up their father on purpose it now happened because Rhett accidentally used his powers.
Small adjustments to the advantages/disadvantages section.
  • Previous Advantages
    • Unique Sense (Magnetic Fields), Minor Illusions, Enhanced Attribute (Agility/ Speed)
  • Previous Disadvantages
    • Debt Bound, Under Orders (Gods), Anchor (Glasses)
  • New Advantages
    • Unique Sense (Magnetic Fields), Minor Illusions, Animal Form (Fox), Enhanced Attribute (Agility/ Reflexes),
  • New Disadvantages
    • Debt Bound, Under Orders (Gods), Anchor (Glasses), Invitation Required
Previous Advantages:
  • Minor Illusions, 2x Human Speed and Agility, Animal Senses (Fox/AKA Magnetic Field Detection).
Current Advantages:
  • Unique Sense (Magnetic Fields), Minor Illusions, Enhanced Attribute (Agility/ Speed)
Previous Disadvantages:
  • Salt Weakness, Debt Bound, Metal Weakness (Silver).
Current Disadvantages:
  • Debt Bound, Under Orders (Gods), Anchor (Glasses)
New Bonus:
  • Rhett's illusions aren't three dimensional, he's limited to manipulating the appearance of flat surfaces. These flat illusions lends itself to a wider range. He can temporarily change the surface the color and pattern of a surface up to 10 feet. The detail in these illusions is at the level of a flip phone camera. It's easy to tell what's fake, but when used as camouflage it buys a couple seconds of time.
I'm switching his core ability
  • Previous
    • Rhett is able to sprint at 100 mph in bursts up to about 30 seconds. Though his anatomy, such as his cardiovascular and respiratory systems, is adapted to feasibly reach such speed without a negative impact on his body, running for longer than half a minute runs the risk of heatstroke and winding up severely injured. When using this ability his mind adjusts to match the speed of his body, allowing him to think much quicker than the natural speed of time. Excessive use of the sprints in a short period will exhaust him.
  • Current
    • Extra-dimensional Parkour: Rhett can phase his body into the fourth dimension, effectively allowing him to bypass most matter by simply stepping over it as if it were flat. While in this state, he can move as fast as a vehicle on the highway. Stepping from the street to the roof of a building is exactly the same in this dimension. He remains partially visible, but only to creatures that are on the same elevation as him (if he and another non-fourth dimensional creature are on the same rooftop, for example), and only as a ghostly, flickering apparition.

      Phasing back into the normal world takes no effort, but does come with some drawbacks. Any matter he takes up the space of is violently ejected from his space when he exits the fourth dimension. This causes damage to both himself and the object in question. This occurs even with the air, but due to the microscopic and fluid nature of the particles he can phase in and out several times before it starts to cause him problems. Phasing back into solid matter will cause the portion of the object he was inside *and* the associated body part to be blown apart.
Several major Rhettcons have been made
  • He is now a Gemini... also bumped to be a year younger.
  • Mrs. Ryusaki left for a year instead of a few months.
  • Personality has been adjusted, more of a self conscious dweeb now.