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Hugo Felstung
Student, Junior at CSM

He's so fuckin pretty
Dramatic and ruthless young boy
Buggy Illusionist
Lives with a guardian in a very fae touched house in Aurum Heights


Athletic build, dark skin, faded scars
just a normal human face, slightly pointy ears, faded scars
purple, pretty
Long violet, very pretty
Normal teenager clothes
Hugo normally is seen shifted in his more humanoid form. While he still flaunts the fact that he is fae to the awakened, he does appear to be a normal human teenager with dyed hair.

In actuality, Hugo has jet black skin, pointed ears, and a very insectoid mouth. His eyes have a much more unsettling and inhuman appearance. He has clawed hands, and feet. Hugo has a flexible tail covered in exoskeleton that ends in a stinger. He is also able to sprout wings from his back, and ankles for flight.


Cunning: He has survived multiple attempts on his life by his elder siblings. Hugo takes no chances, and will more often than not do whatever he needs to do to survive.

Wants to Fit in: He’s still relatively new and navigating human society. They are fascinating and alien to him. He’s learned to play off any slip ups to his more fae like nature as being a dramatic theater kid. He is finding that this may be where he fits in the best.

Creative: Hugo is a naturally creative person. He enjoys performing music, and making his own. He loves to sing songs and perform with the drama club. On the darker end of this, Hugo excels in creating confounding traps for his enemies.

Additional Information
In moments of intense thought, he tends to make clicking noises regardless of appearance

This kid can and will eat a lot of food

Hugo is very good at setting up traps on the fly. These traps can vary from the harmless ones seen in his pranks to outright dangerous.


Ability Format

Apex Attribute(Speed)
Apex Attribute(Reflexes)
Apex Attribute(Agility)
Animal Connection(Wasps)
Imbued Weapon(Poisonous, knives)
Wall climbing
Cosmetic Shifting
Rapid Learning
Debt bound
Lure (Reflection)
Pollution sensitivity
Unable to lie
True name bound(Nemeolae)
Magically Dependent

Core Advantage
Butcher's Webs: Hugo has an enhanced version of Web Production. These webs can also be spun in a manner that allows for him to make non-sticky webs that can function to ensnare. Webs can also be spun so that they are able to slice targets as well.
Took advantage without a disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
The venom in his stingers is extremely painful and adjusts itself so that the body can never fully adjust to it. It causes swelling at thee point it was administered. He can use tail, or wrist stingers to administer it

Hugo can create webs from his wrists and tail

His weapons are spun from chitin steel, and able to split into individual blades when needed

Hugo's wings are the only portion of his true form that he has no problem showing off. They are wasp-like and bear a similar color scheme as his hair.

Thanks to his unnatural ability to pick up on patterns, and learn the layout of a given location quickly, Hugo is able to make traps using his webs and other available resources very quickly

Current Situation

Junior at CSM
Lives with his retainers in a fae touched house
He receives an allowance from his retainers as well as a monthly stipend from his mother. They live comfortably


Date of Birth
August 6
Place of Birth
Bramblesnare Court(Underhill)
Hugo was born the youngest member of the royal family of the Bramblesnare court. His life was a normal one for a child of his status. That all changed when he turned eight. after inadvertently solving a test, and named successor to the throne as a result. This infuriated his siblings who all began doing the most fae thing they could: plot their youngest sibling's demise.

Many attempts to assassinate or otherwise remove him from his position were foiled. One did however come close enough though, leaving him maimed from the experience. His mother elected to have him sent to the human realm in secret, away from his squabbling siblings until he was old enough to claim his throne.

Hugo now lives in Polaris maintaining a fairly low profile. He was homeschooled the previous school year. After complaining about dying of boredom, and wanting to see more humans he was enrolled in Cordelia S Moore High school.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Fc's made with this picrew by @maetheellen
Hugo Felstung

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