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Jealyn Morvell
Demon-Possessed Human
Paralegal in training for Chloe Black

Jaelyn's has dark skin and is 5'7". They seem like a perfectly normal and well-behaved human.
Jaelyn does not know how to perform social interactions without entering a must-win mentality for having positive interactions. They get frustrated when they can't contribute to conversations. Likes Gore. Collects stuffies. Very much want to kill everyone. Attempting to seem mundane, like a sleeper.
Blood Manipulation, Imbued Weapon (Holy), Enhanced Attributes (Speed & Agility), Enhanced Attribute (Regeneration), Enhanced Sense (Smell), Unique sense: (Heartbeat)
Paralegal for Chloe Black. Currently living in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Polaris Pass, the cheapest they could find. Fully want to experience adult problems.


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Slim, Androgynous.
They have some light freckles.
Honey brown irises, thick lashes.
White-blonde hair that is dark at the roots. Easily explainable as being dyed.
They dress however they want to fucking dress. There is some semblance of academic inspiration. They wear cardigans, pullovers, tunics, turtlenecks, and suspenders. Shit like that.
Sometimes dresses as if they have stolen from Janelle Monae's closet.
Jaelyn has a small tattoo located on their wrist forearm of a unique spade design with the number seven in its center. It's gang related, linked to an old gang known as The Seven Spade Saints.


Dominating the social sphere: They are lacking social awareness and don't properly comprehend how a normal social interaction should go. They tend to say things that might get them weird looks from everyone.
They have a must-win mindset when talking to people. They believe that they need to have a positive interaction with a person or their conversation was meaningless and their efforts were wasted.
They get frustrated at themselves when they realize they have made a social blunder.

Just a crumb of mundanity: Jaelyn is purposely avoiding social interactions that seem to get too much about the supernatural. They are also trying their best at pretending to be a sleeper. They do not give a fuck about your powers or if some scientist made you in a lab or if you are a bag of magic Doritos and became a God from it.
If they want drama, they want to experience mundane and normal drama. Like soap operas.
Not live through the plot of fucking Chronicle.

Gore Connoisseur: Like their father, Jaelyn has grown a love for gore and the macabre. They see the beauty in the guts and blood and are completely unphased by anything a normal person would deem too much. They have a twisted sense of beauty but they can understand people feeling grossed out about it. They tend to not bring it up unless specifically asked.

Additional Information
Murderous Intent: Oh, you thought the child of Ghum wouldn't have the great and overwhelming desire to kill as many people in ways that would get this site blasted on Twitter for how profane, immoral, and twisted it would be.
Yes, Jaelyn wants to fucking kill everyone in various fucked up ways.

They also would instead be crucified on a cross before even divulging their instincts. They fill the need for their murder fantasies by reading Slasher/Dead By Daylight fan fiction.
As well as playing Mortal Kombat.
Just because they avoid murder does not mean they don't have violent tendencies.

Issa Knife: They have a fascination with knives and blades. Besides their holy knife, they have multiple other knives hidden in themselves at all times.

Plushie Collector: Jaelyn is a collector. Not of skulls & hearts. They have a collection of that back at home already. Jaelyn has collected stuffies of the various cryptids and other supernatural beings on earth.
Also Pokémon.
Their favorite Pokemon outside of starters and legendaries are Obstagoon (Because it looks like their father), Gligar, Absol, Gengar, Mismaguis, Mawhile, Cubone, and Clefariy

Music taste:
  • Doom soundtrack on repeat.
  • Haarper
  • Freddie Dread
  • $uicideboi$
  • Lil Nas X
  • High energy EDM


Ability Format

Imbued Weapon (Holy): A Silver knife, blessed with the blood of angels
Apex Attribute (Speed)
Enhanced Attributes (Regeneration & Agility)
Enhanced Senses (Smell & Hearing)
Monster Form (Large)
Cosmetic Shifting
True Name Bound (Rhaelzumaul)
Restricted Diet (Wrath)
Elemental Weakness (Holy)
Aversion (Religious Iconography)

Core Advantage
Bloodplay: Jaelyn can control and manipulate blood. They are able to change the density of the blood allowing them to harden it and they are able to manipulate it like water. They are able to only use blood from open wounds.

Jaelyn's blood also has special properties. Their blood is considered unholy and they can ignite it, turning the blood into infernal flames.
They can even alter their blood type.
Core Disadvantage
Bloodlust: They are drawn to the smell of blood. Blood can be intoxicating for them. Being in the presence of the blood of others for too long will cause them to enter a hazy state, almost like a soft buzz.
Take advantage without a disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
Enhanced Attribute (Regeneration): Jaelyn's body produces more blood compared to humans.

Current Situation

Paralegal in training for Chloe Black
A small apartment in Polaris Pass
Whatever she makes from her Paralegal work. They have cut themselves off from any riches their father might have on Earth.


Date of Birth
May 15th
Place of Birth
Palatium interfectorum, Lord Arghummaul's domain.
Jaelyn, the one and only (debatable) child of Lord Arghummaul, The Besieger of Heaven, Murderer of Legions, Blasphemous Beast, and the living embodiment of unimaginable violence and demented morals so ludicrous that they would make pastors blush and angels scream and cry, maybe shit and cum.

The details around their birth are vague as hell. Their father never told them how they came to exist so they assume it's either he knocked some random demon up who has been absent all their life or that they were made via magic.

They did grow up with two of their father's underlings who took on the role of Mother & Father. Literally, that we're their names. They did the actual parenting while Ghum was more of the cool dad who spoiled his little bundle of violence a little too much. Ghum is a very overbearing father.

Jaelyn wasn't allowed to leave the palace until they were around 13, then they were never allowed to leave their father's realm. It took them a lot of talking and being "Good" to convince Mother & Father to talk Ghum into letting them leave home and explore. It even took further convincing to allow them to visit earth.

Which was something Ghum was extremely against. Mostly out of fear he could never properly express. So of course they had to prove themselves that they were fully capable of behaving on Earth as well as being able to handle themselves in case some Angel or some brother, sister, grandson, cousin, a descendant of whatever tracked them down to enact generational vengeance.

After having proved they were able to behave and take care of themselves, Ghum got in contact with an old friend in Polaris Pass who could help them get a proper footing on Earth. He then made preparations to secure them a body, for their own safety, that would allow them to easily blend in among the humans.
Then finally, Ghum, Father & Mother got together for Jaelyn's 21st birthday party and celebrated as a family before seeing them off.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
Before getting their name changed to Jaelyn Morvell, their legal name was Jaden Turner. A teen boy who went missing a few years ago in Chicago, Illinois.
Jaelyn Morvell

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