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Kai Eichmann

Kai Eichmann
Male (He/Him)

Short and of slim build with pale complexion, wavy brown hair and borderline supernaturally green eyes. Tends to wear slouchy and baggy clothes which seem expensive and extremely comfy.
Empathetic and kind with an odd sense of humour and willingness to be outgoing and speak his mind once comfortable with those he's speaking to.
None - Nek0 Traits
Kai was formerly a changeling with a rough relationship with his father. Unable to unite with his kind and thus unable to be granted rebirth, Kai was saved from death by Artemis, Jun and Marius. He intends to return to finish school and live life to its fullest.


Short and of skinny, slender build. His posture is relaxed, borderline slouchy.
Slim, with a pale complexion and no facial hair
Normal human eyes with supernaturally green pupils
Wispy brown hair which falls in waves around his face, seemingly unkempt but perfectly so.
Wears expensive looking designer clothes which are usually baggy and comfortable.
Always has snacks on hand.


Living Every Day Like It's His Last- A trait carried over from a time when he would do anything to get out the house yet now eager to make the most of the second chance he was given, Kai is outgoing and willing to try new things, living every day like it's his last. This may however make him amenable to doing something stupid or being placed in risky situations.

No Filter- Kai isn’t shy about speaking his mind. He is honest and has a sense of humour which he is willing to share, albeit if it is unusual, however he is brutally honest as a result of his lack of filter.

No Plan- Kai didn't think he was going to live beyond his 18th Birthday so he never took the time to plan what his future might look like. He is still trying to find himself and what that means, giving him a tendency to cling to the things that make him happiest at the expense of his own long term well being. Planning is a weakness for him which helps him live in the moment but he often looses sight of the long term as a result.

Additional Information
Hearty Appetite- Kai has a large appetite, almost three times that of a normal human. He can survive on the amount of food an average human consumes although is prone to feeling hangry if forced into this for a prolonged period of time. Gets around this by always having snacks on his person. This was originally a changeling trait however Nek0 also suffer from a similar metabolism.

Artistic- Kai, having spent most of his time indoors has had to make his own entertainment. When he's not gaming, shit posting or being social online, Kai likes to read, write and is able to sketch fairly well. There is also a grand piano in the house which Kai has been taught to play. He's not exactly a master at any of the skills he has picked up over time but he enjoys what he does and is at least semi talented.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Rapid Learning
Weakened Attribute: Strength

Current Situation

Student (Junior, 1 Year behind due to long term illness)
A large house on the outskirts of Polaris Pass with a very well kept garden
Thanks to his parents financial situation: Filthy Rich


Date of Birth
22nd May 2006
Place of Birth
Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany
Kai was born on the 22nd of May 1951, the last changeling of the forests surrounding Neuenburg am Rhein Germany; A life he would never know. Thrust into the world when the clan's matriarch 'The Rye Mother' was forced to release him from his larval state then saved from the fire that consumed their forest by his father, known to us as Dietrich Eichmann, Kai was raised by his father with the intention of returning to another Feldgeister clan. First in the forests, then a cabin in the woods, then in a dingy flat in Mulhouse, France, before moving back to Germany using wealth his father had extorted from a group of Kobolds in a gold mine.

With this money, Kai was afforded an easy and privileged life around high society and socialites while Dietrich prepared him to return to their kind by helping him master his powers of telepathy and shapeshifting while surrounding themselves with narcissistic and self-absorbed high society folk who wouldn't care whenever they disappeared. Kai however only ever considered himself to be human. He wasn't sure if he wanted the life Dietrich had promised and with an incident in kindergarten where one of his peers saw through his shift and Dietrich's obsession with returning to what he considered to be their rightful home, Kai began to feel ever more isolated and resentful towards his father.

Subsequent moves to New York followed and then to Polaris Pass. Driven first by Dietrich's need to flee the authorities due to the vast amount of wealth being accrued to a name that belonged to a name many centuries old and then by a tip off from a new contact in the USA, Kai's mood towards his father only soured further. After many long nights of fighting, Dietrich eventually made the decision to allow Kai to join the human world like he always wanted though only on the condition he was careful, his overbearing father would of course be keeping a watchful eye through Victoria, an old friend from New York high society circles who had moved back to Polaris Pass under Dietrich's care.

After becoming free, Kai was able to integrate into the life of a normal high school kid with some ease; finding new friends in Heather, Jun and, most importantly to him, Artemis. As Dietrich's obsession with returning home only deepened, an argument broke out one day over Dietrich's insistence that Kai must return with him to Germany, fearing he may never return to his friends. It was in this argument, Kai was told the truth. If they did not return home, Kai would be unable to complete his lifecycle and thus would die on his 18th birthday; a truth that had been kept from him to prevent his worry, yet in this knowledge only hurt him further.

This did not stop his father from trying. Kai relented and with his father returned to Europe and after a long trip in Europe to find their kind returned fruitless; Dietrich was able to find a solution in Polaris Pass through Marius, an old acquaintance of his who had found himself in Polaris Pass, and through Artemis with the assistance of Jun. Artemis was able to secure him a Nek0 body, lacking its soul and with their combined efforts they were able to move Kai's soul into the new body, allowing Kai to be reborn and live out the remainder of his life free from the burden of having to return home.

With his body now youthful again, the fractious relationship with his father beginning to heal, his friends still by his side and his whole future ahead to him; Kai intends to live his life as though every day could be his last.

Additional Information

Art Credits, perfected by Kada.
Anything Else
Made with inspiration provided by @Big Jeffe
Kai Eichmann

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