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Xara Olsen

Xara Olsen / XaraCryptid
Female (She/Her)
Unawakened Human
Cryptozoologist / Paranormal Investigator / Social Media Personality

Slender and lithe build with long dark purple hair with green eyes and pale complexion. Dresses in either dark, long and flowing clothing or practical outdoors clothes
Mellow and chill vibes all around although as though nothing matters to her. Her one passion is the supernatural with which she has the tendency to be single minded to the point of obsession in pursuit of her interest.
Video Editing, Social Media Management and Resourcefulness in Pursuit of Her Work. Otherwise Just a Regular ol' Human.
Currently drifting from town to town, staying in one place for a couple of months conducting fieldwork and research for her socials before moving to the next place, surviving off of funds generated through content monetisation.


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Slender, lithe and mildly atheletic build with some curves, has some tattoo's visible on her arms
Narrow face with a pale complexion, and often wears makeup. Struggles with a mild case of resting bitch face, has a couple of piercings and often wears makeup.
Human eyes with dark green, verging on hazel pupils
Long straight hair, dyed dark glossy purple with a full fringe
Tends to wear either dark flowing clothing, often distressed or long sleeved, or practical outdoors clothing, seemingly mixing the two at random unless she's out on fieldwork.


Laid Back: Xara has no cares in the world. As far as she's concerned she's doing what she loves and everything else is secondary to that. Nothing really bothers her and she is for the most part content with life although this can reach the point of seeming to be indifferent to most things, sometimes manifesting as sarcastic contempt.

Obsessed: Xara has a fascination with all things dark, mysterious and spooky. Be it Cryptids, Ghost Stories, Witchcraft, Serial Killers, whatever; if it falls into the previous categories she's there 100%. She has a near encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject having studied it for both personal reasons and for her social media channels. To some she is seen as a subject matter expert, to those more clued in perhaps even a rising star in her field. To others she is seen pretty fucking weird...

Loner: Xara is friendly enough and a calming presence to anyone who may encounter her; its not that Xara has trouble making friends but rather she doesn't really care to make them, knowing that there is every likelihood that they'll never stay in touch unless they have a similar interest. With this in mind, she may appear disinterested and cold to those who she feels she may get along with, hating the idea of making friends with these people not because she hates the person but because she hates the fact she'd soon have to say goodbye.

Additional Information
Resourceful: Accompanying Xara on her travels is her pitch black box. A heavy duty flight case containing an assortment of equipment, some of which is fairly high tech, necessary for conducting fieldwork which she has amassed over her career. From the equipment necessary to conduct outdoor expeditions both day and night to ghost hunting gear to animal tracking and area surveillance, she has been able to cobble together a series of solutions to most problems to reasonable effect. This, along with her laptop and recording equipment allows her to neatly move her operations with her as she travels. All equipment has been sourced by herself or donated by followers or associates, and even though she may not know how to use it at first she will do her best to learn how, finding the best ways to get the most out of the means available to her.

A Cryptid of Ones Own Making: Sometimes Xara wonders how the world sees her. Perhaps they see her as some sort of Cryptid like entity too; appearing in a town without warning destined to serve her uncaring algorithm overlord who's approval she requires to satisfy an inescapable thirst for social media ad revenue in order to survive. Any hope for an existence as a normal human being now forfeit; the last vestiges of her self cobbled together to create a digital twin, a mirage behind the black mirror which exists for the viewing pleasure of strangers across the internet. She carries out her duties diligently, reporting on her previous findings while gathering more information for her unseen puppet masters, only to disappear without trace to reappear in the next town over. Although this is the case she is content with this existence, driven by her passion for what she loves although there is a lingering sense of fear that if she doesn't give it her all, she may end up with nothing.


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Nerfs and Flavor

Current Situation

Cryptozoologist / Paranormal Investigator / Social Media Personality
A cheap flat somewhere in Polaris Pass
Semi Comfortable although lives frugally.


Date of Birth
September 22nd 2003
Place of Birth
Concord, New Hampshire
Xara Olsen was born to an eccentric family living in Concord New Hampshire. From a young age she gained an interest in spooky stuff through her parents who used to tell ghost stories to her and her two sisters. Xara, taking the most interest out of the three of them, used to borrow books and resources from her parents, also interested in the supernatural and mysterious, to learn more and soon developed a fascination for it. In time her parents soon moved from telling spooky stories to actually helping her learn, telling her all about what they had learnt through their interest in the subject and providing her the means to grow her knowledge on her own terms.

Growing up she had plans to eventually take up history in school and study it in more depth, possibly even become a teacher as a way to pay forward her parents acts towards her, ever grateful for the things she was taught, however due to poor mental health brought on by a difficult time in school she found herself struggling to progress. While she continued to study in her spare time, feeling alone and isolated by her school life she took to the internet to find friendship. Her knowledge of the subject took her to forums and blogs on the internet where she could connect with like minded folk where not only could she make friends, learn more about some of her favourite subjects but also find a way to teach and share her knowledge with others. Fearing the struggles of school and that she may not even progress to graduation, she came up with a backup plan; starting a blog which soon grew to include multiple social media channels and a video channel. Out of this necessity XaraCryptid was born.

Using this persona she began to garner quite a following, a young woman with a highly detailed knowledge of cryptozoology, serial killers, ghost stories and other dark and twisted subjects attracted followers quickly, she even began to make some money off it. Giving up on school entirely she threw everything into the channel and somehow, it worked. Over time she went from making a little cash here and there to even being able to move out of her parents house and get herself set up on her own. That's when she got an idea...

She could be anywhere. At any time. Growing the channel and allowing herself to live an even more comfortable life, all the while doing the thing she loves the most. Like a musician might go on tour, she could too. All the while, allowing her to create even more high quality content, and create more impressive things. As far as she concerned the world was at her feet, all she had to do was prove that it would work. She did a test run down the East Coast; inspired by the History Channel documentaries yet condensing it into a more personal, shorter form, meanwhile producing her older type of content to tide her over while her fieldwork was ongoing. This proved to be a reasonable success, using her personal blogs to document her travels to also attracted a wider audience to content which was well crafted, informative and easily digestible; the experiment had worked.

Now all that was left was to go a little further afield, choosing this time to travel down the West Coast; from the Winchester Mystery House and The Cecil Hotel to spending time with people looking for Bigfoot or Taho Tessie, quite an itinerary was planned. One item which made it onto the list among them was Polaris Pass. A little known location although famous for its Halloween Celebrations, various rumours of cryptids or demonic entities being sighted around the town and, of course, the story of Nell; a young girl who went missing in the area in the 1980's who's disappearance remains an unsolved mystery. With such a rich and varied history yet somehow seeming so obscure she couldn't help but stop by, at least for a couple of months, to see what was going on.

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Xara Olsen

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