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Yasmin Moore
Junior at Olcott by day, pit fighter by night.

Tall athletic woman with near white gray hair
She's an ice queen. Short and to the point, imposing presence.
Angelic abilities tied to a holy sword.
She earns enough living expenses from her fights to take care of herself, but its actually really tight. She has little to no money for anything.


Athletic but not bulky really. Most of her height comes from her legs. She has lighter skin, but isn't pale.
She has a longer face, more a diamond face shape. Mostly clear skin with a smaller nose. Teeth the kinda straight you get from braces.
Pale blue, like the color of ice.
just past her shoulders, straight off near white gray hair.
she wears simple white girl clothing most of the time. Jeans, shirts, cardigans.
When she wields her sword, her body is covered in a suit of armor, a set of horns connected to a crown, and a blue flaming halo appears above her head. See the character art tab for a more direct visualization.


Ice Queen: Yasmin is a bit on the standoffish side, or maybe more accurately distant and imposing. She's reserved around strangers, but that doesn't mean she's anxious or nervous. She's got a strong will and is used to focusing on her own progress and struggles, so she doesn't usually involve herself in strangers business.

Subtle: After everything she's been through, Yasmin has tempered her attitude and mannerisms. She still emotes, but its subtler and more controlled. She usually thinks ahead, plans things out well in advance where she can.

Fair and Just: Yasmin has a sore spot when it comes to injustice or the concept of being taken advantage of. She feels cheated out of her sister's life and her own soul, and knows she's being exploited for more wealth in hell regularly. She finds the concept of tricking and conning people distasteful.

Additional Information
Yasmin is focused on her problems and her schooling(Bachelor's of Criminal Justice), so her life is rather bleak. Before everything went to shit though, she had a variety of hobbies. Arts and crafts, doodling, make-up, and going to concerts. A once social butterfly with clipped wings.

Now she is seen at the gym, and taking martial arts classes.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Apex Strength, Apex Durability, Elemental Immunity(Profane), Mental Immunity
Imminent, True Name Bound(Ves'llda), Lure(Physical Injustice, Protect the weak), magically dependent

Core Advantage
Corrupted Divine Soldier- As a result of speaking binding oaths to an archangel blade, Yasmin has developed a more intimately tied retinue of abilities that are linked to her sword. While in good standing with her oaths, Yasmin gains the following: Flight in the form of manifest-able wings, Elemental Projectile(holy or Profane), Intuitive Aptitude(Melee Combat)
Core Disadvantage
All of Yasmin's abilities are tied to her imbued weapon. If she has it stolen from her or disarmed from her person her abilities turn off until she reclaims it. It takes 10 heartbeats to summon her blade to her hand for any reason. Yasmin's Intuitive Aptitude for melee combat is exempt from being removed when the sword is either disarmed or dismissed.
Imbued Weapon(holy)
Nerfs and Flavor
Yasmin's apex durability is represented thematically by the suit of armor around her body when wielding her sword. No armor = no apex durability. It only appears when she is actively holding the sword and vanishes if disarmed or the blade is dismissed.

Yasmin is compelled to protect the weak in physical confrontations where an injustice is taking place. Someone obviously stronger acting unreasonably in a violent or harassing way. This doesn't apply to more abstract injustices, and is more centered around the concept of acting with honor and protecting people who can't protect themselves.

Current Situation

junior at Olcott, doing prize fights in the pit within hell.
Living on campus at school
she makes enough to live, barely. School eats all of the money she makes from the fights because she is getting shafted by the demon she fights for.


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Yasmin was born and raised in a small town in Ohio with two sisters and both of her parents. She lived peacefully in white suburbia with hardly a thought or worry about the harsher points of life. She was popular in school, a real social butteryfly with plans to get a business degree and open a cafe or something. Then, her younger sister Jackie got cancer. Yasmin was in her second year of college at her town's local branch of the Olcott Institute. When they found out, Jackie was already stage 4 and given months to live. Yasmin was stricken with grief, and either by chance... or by design, she met a crossroads demon who managed to convince her to sell her soul to save her sister's life. And it did, save her life.... for a week. After a night of celebrating with her little sister where Yasmin had only a single drink, jackie was killed in a fatal accident with yasmin at the wheel.

Her family turned against her, holding her responsible for her sister's death as much as she did herself. In her grief stricken state, the demon who owned her soul came to offer her another deal. She could reclaim her own soul, and maybe see her sister in the afterlife when she died. All it required was for her to fight in an arena, The Pit. If she could earn enough money and souls to pay off the demon's debt, she could get her soul back. Manipulated as she was, she took the deal as well as the angelic blade the demon offered for her to fight with. Not knowing or realizing it was an archangel blade, something the demon couldn't even wield due to the blades strong divine affinity.

Over the next year she learned how to fight with no short number of dangerous situations, and swapped her major to criminal justice. When the latest branch of olcott opened in polaris pass, she took the chance to get out of her hometown and away from the scorn and grief stricken gaze of what remained of her family. Picking up in this new town, and having kept to herself so far. Those who have a keen eye for the Pit's combatants or an ear for oddities in the arena may have heard of her Fighting title, Icefire.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Art by and myself(minor contributions)
Anything Else
Yasmin doesn't spend time in hell outside of her fights, so many in the pit wonder about who she is. Some weaker demons plot against her in the hopes of rigging the fights, and while she's making a name for herself she hasn't quite hit the major league levels of attention.
Yasmin Moore

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