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Art Septus
3 years chronologically, 18 physically/mentally.
Whatever told, defaults to he/him.
NEK0 company representative/asset reposesssion agent/"fixer"/domestic servant.

Short pale twink with cat features. Very neat and ordely.
NEK0 stuff. Ultra Instinct.
In town on business, supplied money when needed by his masters.


Small and slender. Pale skin dusted with freckles.
More effeminate looking. Usually smiling.
Reddish cat eyes. He has two of them.
Red. Cut short and neat. Has a collection of wigs he will bust out when needed.
Usually some form of business casual. Neat and presentable, but standard enough to blend into a crowd when necessary.
Red cat ears prominantly displayed and furry red cat tail behind him.


Good servants are loyal: Art is the very definition of obedient to the NEK0 company. His love for his masters borders on almost religious fervor, so much that the company will allow him to act without direct oversight, as he will always act in their best interest.

Good servants are eagar: His desire to serve extends past just his masters. Art derives a great deal of pleasure from obeying any command, big or small. If given the ability to choose, he would simply act to fulfil the orders of as many peope as possible, so long as they didn't conflict with company goals.

Good servants are useful: In order to provide the best service possible, Art is surprisingly well-read. He has made sure to educate himself on topics ranging from science to history and even philosophy, and is always trying to learn more when he has the time.

Additional Information
Art is usually under orders restricting his emotional expression, as the joy he derives from service can be seen as "a little weird".


Ability Format
Standard traits


Core Advantage
Overdrive: At will, or when ordered, Art is able to shut off all non-essential mental functions (pain reception, emotions, etc) in order to receive a massive increase in visual processing, reaction speed and thought. He does this whenever completion of orders necessitates it, however it often shuts down complicated problem solving skills, and leads to him trying to resolve the issue in the most direct way possible.
Free advantage.
Nerfs and Flavor
- Art's true name weakness refers to a command phrase conditioned into him by the NEK0 company. Commands given after speaking the phrase to him will override any other orders he has and he will obey them to the letter.

- Art believes if he speaks the word himself he will suffer an immediate and painful death.

Current Situation

Servant. Lab assistant for Kyo Tatsuzaki,
Apartment provided by Charlotte Hugo
Only owns the bare necessities, plus whatever is provided by Artemis and Charlotte.


The first iteration of Art was a simple test subject for the NEK0 Company R&D division on methods to improve the obendience of their products, created using a spare genetic template that the company retained exclusive ownership of. Subsequent renditions were created to test other features. It's unclear whether they're still alive.

This is the seventh iteration of Art, considered one of the most successful implementations of perfect loyalty and obedience. However, customers looking for living pets found his eagarness a little bit unnerving, so he was deemed inappropriate for sale.

Rather than recycle the NEK0 for spare parts, as they might do with other failures or damaged goods, prototype number seven was put to work for the company. The higher ups, and the chief scientist involved in his creation (who might be a little bit too proud of his creation) reasoned that he was both too expensive and had too many useful features to simply be destroyed.

Art now serves multiple purposes. When acting as a representative he can be seen as a form of advertising; anyone who sees him will see the sort of blind loyalty that can only be found in a purchased NEK0. His intelligence makes him a more than capabile advisor in almost any situations, as he has a great deal of knowledge on many subjects and will offer input that is honest and objective when asked. His status as a NEK0, however, leaves him often underestimated. Combined with his heightened physical attributes, this makes Art ideal for claundestine actions the company may need to make or problems the company may need handled.

Problems such as the reports of their products roaming around a small town like Polaris Pass, ownerless and risking the exposure of the company itself.

Art is very excited to fulfil his latest task.

Additional Information

Art Credits
commissioned art by KennyPyro
Anything Else
Literally physically identical to Leo, down to the ears and tail, minus the wounds.
Art Septus

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