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Sareth Oranahr

Sareth Oranahr aka "Morgan Gosselin"
Agender (accepts all pronouns but defaults to they/them)

Pale, androgynous, demonic
Duplicitous asshole out for themself.
Demon Stuff. Shapeshifting, snek form, mind reading
Living in Aurum Heights.


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Androgynous, pear-shaped, pale skin. Spade-tip tail and claws on both hands.
Sharp teeth. Pointed elfin ears.
Black sclera, amber pupils.
Black and yellow., neck length.
Leans towards darker colours and revealing cuts.
Their snake form resembles a Mangrove Snake, with yellow eyes and more pronounced teeth. They can adjust the size this form takes to be as large as a python.

Their usual human form, Morgan, is a pretty young woman with light skin, short cropped black hair, grey eyes and a slender, but fit build. She has two goat horns on her head and furry, goatlike legs that usually appear as some manner of fancy but appropriate leg wear to the unawakened.


Creature of habit: As far as Sareth is concerned, demons, like everything else, are beholden to their natural inclinations. Lying, cheating, stealing, fighting, it doesn't matter if these actions hurt people, trying to change these behaviours would be like trying to change the directions of the tides. That's just the way of things, why should they act like it's any different?

Duplicitous: Lying comes easy to them. Being inundated with Hell politics at a young age has lead to them developing a level of cunning and willingness to backstab if it'll help them survive or allow them to chase their ambition.

Superiority complex: They do a good job of hiding it with a veneer of general smugness, but a lifetime at the bottom of hell hierarchy has left Sareth embittered and with much lower self image than what appears. They cover this up by flaunting their superiority but part of them can't help but envy the humans they mock because of it.

Additional Information
Being genuine is actually somewhat hard for them. They can tell lies extremely convincingly but whenever they're trying to be up front it takes effort to not sound like they're hiding something.

As Morgan, they present themself as witty, graceful, and something of a tease. While she's perfectly capable of being polite and personable, Morgan tends to look down on people she sees as beneath her notice, and is willing to use any information she gets in order to strike at people who wrong her.


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
Shapechanger: Sareth's physical form is highly malleable. They are restricted to a mostly humanoid shape, but are able to make themself bigger and smaller, older and younger, and change basically all their features from their hair to their skin to their face. They can even create and change the clothes they wear. Sareth is also able to grow more nonhuman features, but they are largely cosmetic.
Telepathy: Sareth is able to read the surface thoughts of anyone within their vicinity.

Current Situation

Bass player of the band Two Thirds Valour.
Lives alone in an apartment in Aurum Heights.
Mostly living off the generosity of the Black family, who funds the band's shows, supplemented by the income from their gigs. They stole some wealth from home before they came to earth but this amount is finite and mostly there for emergencies.


Place of Birth
Sareth was the 77th prince of a small Barony in some remote part of hell. Their position, despite giving them basically no authority whatsoever, left them with a great deal of responsibility and little freedom. Sareth hated both these facts, and from a young age sought a way out.

Their chance for escape came when the Hell Baron was called upon by the demonic queen Chloe Black, who had, years prior, bested the Baron during the war for her kingdom, and had him in her pocket as a result. The queen had, after hearing some choice words about them, taken an interest in the baron's children, and had extended an offer for them to come to earth. Sareth, eager for a way out of their current predicament, accepted easily.

Chloe helped Sareth get set up in Polaris Pass, helping them find a home and generally continued to mentor them on Earth society. They were eventually enrolled at True North Academy, under the identity of a French exchange student who was sent to Polaris Pass after claiming to have developed Satyr features that her rich parents couldn't see. They quickly developed a reputation as an unattainable, devious ice queen, the star of the high jump team, and a notorious gossip monger who always seemed to find out what people were up to eventually.

Sareth was very well fed during this period of time and would have been happy to just live off the envy of the other kids. However, after being uplifted from hell, Chloe eventually called for them to return the favour. Specifically, to help keep tabs on her daughters.

Sareth did eventually befriend one of them, Dahlia, inserting themself into her clique and even joining her band. The two got close, but unbeknownst to her, they were reporting on her activities to her mother the entire time.

The years passed and they eventually graduated. Sareth currently balances their human identity and obligations with their own activities as a demon, terrorising and generally feeding off the mundane population of Polaris Pass.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Commissioned art by @Keen
Morgan image made using this picrew by Baydews
Sareth Oranahr

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