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Sareth Oranahr

Sareth Oranahr
Agender (accepts all pronouns but defaults to they/them)
College Student

Pale, androgynous, demonic
Overly theatrical, catty demon with a jealous streak.
Demon Stuff. Shapeshifting, snek form, mind reading
Living in Aurum Heights.


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Androgynous, pear-shaped, white-greyish skin. Spade-tip tail and claws on both hands.
Sharp teeth. Pointed elfin ears.
Black sclera, amber pupils.
Black and yellow, neck length.
Leans towards darker colours and revealing cuts.
Their snake form resembles a Mangrove Snake, with yellow eyes and more pronounced teeth. They can adjust the size this form takes to be as large as a python.

They have a human guise that resembles their demon form, but slightly more femme, with black hair, fairer but still pale skin, and human eyes with yellow irises. This is usually how they appear to sleepers.


A mask of their own face: Sareth, for most of their life, has presented themself as what they believed they need to be, hiding who they are from even people who were close to them. Time on Earth has forced them to reflect, and they are trying to be a more genuine version of themself, but they're still working out what exactly that means. They keep a lot of people at arms length, but they're doing their best to change that.

Theatre kid from hell: At the very least, the most consistent part of Sareth's identity is that they are dramatic. They enjoy playing up their own theatrics and pepper plenty of ostentatious language into their speech. And though they aren't trying to lie and scheme and backstab anymore, they aren't above the occasional prank or fucking with people for their own amusement.

Sweet-tongued envy: As a demon, Sareth feeds on envy. It sustains them. But though they're loathe to admit it, jealousy comes just as easy to them. Their childhood in hell instilled something of an inferiority complex in them, and when these feelings manifest they tend to either play up their own importance or get more catty depending on who's causing it.

Additional Information
Being genuine is actually somewhat hard for them. They can tell lies extremely convincingly but whenever they're trying to be up front it takes effort to not sound like they're hiding something.


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
Shapechanger: Sareth's physical form is highly malleable. While they are restricted to a mainly humanoid shape, they are able to double and halve their size and mass, as well as grow many extraneous limbs and other body parts. Their physiology can be changed on the fly. They can, for example, move the location of their heart into their knee, or split their head into two halves without affecting their brain function. They can effectively make themself stronger by growing larger, but only in the way a naturally larger and heavier person will be stronger than average. They can also shapeshift and benefit from the physical features of other living things, but not supernatural ones.
Telepathy: Sareth is able to read the surface thoughts of anyone within their vicinity.

Upgrade: Free advantage.

Upgrade 2: Sareth is able to mentally communicate with people within telepathy range.
Nerfs and Flavor
Sareth's telepathy is a constant, they cannot turn it off.

Current Situation

Studying music at college
Lives alone in an apartment in Aurum Heights.
The fact they don't need to eat means they've been able to save a decent amount. Used to receive an allowance from Chloe Black and they still have a lot of that left over.


Place of Birth
Sareth was the 77th prince of a small Barony in some remote part of hell. They grew up in surrounded by the politics that come from such a position, seen as a pawn by both their own family and others, with no real prospect of grabbing power themself. They had resigned themself to their lot in life until that part of hell was conquered by Chloe Black, who offered the baron's younger children a chance to be uplifted. Sareth was eagar to take the chance.

After being brought to Polaris Pass, Sareth built a human identity for themself: Morgan Gossellin, a girl from France who had spontanously become a faun and was sent to live overseas. Though they were no longer in Hell, they never truly forgot the lessons of their upbringing and never really showed anyone their real self behind the guise.

During their highschool days they befriended one of Chloe's daughters, Dahlia Black. The two became very close and Morgan ended up becoming the bass player for her band. Unbeknownst to Dahlia, Sareth was reporting on Dahlia's activities to Chloe. This continued for several years until Dahlia discovered the truth and their friendship was violently ended.

After several months wallowing in regret for betraying their closest friend, they eventually came to understand the error of their ways through their childhood friend Malicia's ascension as an angel. They have since made amends with Dahlia and are now trying to put their old ways behind them.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Commissioned art by @Keen
Human for image made with this picrew by michaghost
Sareth Oranahr

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