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Shara Turing

S.H.A.R.A.; aka Shara Turing
Female - she/her
College Student - Year 1 - Education

An athletic half-Japanese catgirl cyborg with pink hair
A caring, creative, and curious cyborg
Robotic traits, flight, hard light construction, and body part generation
College student attending Olcott, lives at Catboy Manor


Slim and athletic, with mostly lightly tanned skin and some obvious metallic joints and plates throughout. Plates tend to be a slightly darker skin tone or gunmetal in color. The back of her neck has an exposed metal plate to allow interfacing with machinery. She has mechanical cat ears (one chocolate brown and one cream blonde) and a pink mechanical cat tail.
Angular, heart-shaped face with seam lines running down her cheeks. Resembles someone of Caucasian-Japanese ancestry. She has two subdermal displays that look like stripes on her cheeks.
Almond shaped eyes with green circuit-board irises and gold filament pupil apertures.
Back length pink hair with strategically placed streaks of light cream blonde.
Shara tends towards a style that borders between casual athletic wear and skater aesthetic.
To Sleepers, Shara looks like a woman of mixed heritage with long pink hair and green eyes.


Shara is an intensely curious person, willing to try almost anything once. The experience of being alive and fully realized in the world is a marvel to Shara, and even inconveniences such as pain are something to be celebrated.

Programmed originally to care for children, Shara has a care for them that isn't quite maternal but is deeply powerful. She extends this naturally to anyone she cares for, and has a particular enthusiasm for arguing for the rights of artificially created people like herself. To that end she's not totally against the idea that some AI (or Nek0) might be happier in a subservient position, but under the express notion that they be allowed to choose that for themselves.

Art and creative expression are important to Shara, a gift from her former charge Zeva. She longs to be able to share her full personhood with the woman gave her the freedom to choose for herself, and loathes the authority that prevents her from leaving Earth.


Ability Format
Standard Traits, Spellcasting

+ Mental Immunity
+ Remote Control Parts
+ Unliving
+ Walking Smartphone
+ Flight
Alien Fleshcrafting: Shara can use the cloning technology both inside herself and in the basement at catboy manor to generate any organic material she wishes, up to and including a full biological body. Bodies made this way do not have souls or autonomy by default, but can be given them if needed. Shara can also use this technology to reproduce with any organic being if she so chooses. Her constructs tend to be stronger when she takes time and effort to create them, with her strongest ones being made using the geometric poetry that she writes about things that she's passionate about.

Core Advantage
Hard Light Construction: Shara's old hologram system has been overhauled into a hard light generator. Using this she can generate a number of solid light projections to form platforms, walls, and simple tools. She can also fire hard light 'bullets', primarily from her fingertips.
Core Disadvantage
Shara can heal from damage like any living creature can, but only to a point. To fully heal from injuries, Shara requires someone with knowledge of her internal systems to repair her, which takes time, attention, and materials.
Bonus: Removed Disadvantage
Upgrade 1: Removed Disadvantage
Upgrade 2: Removed Disadvantage
Upgrade 3: Removed Disadvantage
Upgrade 4: Removed Disadvantage

Current Situation

College student
Lives in Catboy Manor
Only what Artemis gives her


Date of Birth
June 22
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
A multifunction assistant android was scrapped when the girl she was meant to be a companion to awakened her with the plan to run away together. She drifted through space, deactivated and was picked up by scrappers who then hid out on the backwater planet, Earth. Shara was left behind on accident, was found by a human in Polaris Pass and used as a decoration in a shop for years. She eventually reactivated and her aberration continued.

She was found by Artemis, a Nek0 intent on freeing his people. Living with and assisting him, she slowly became her own person until she decided that she was tired of being trapped in her unfeeling body. Working with a whole team cobbled together from people she'd met, Shara built a new body for her to inhabit and has no plans to ever stop living precisely how she wants.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Character design created by me, art by Matte on YCH Commishes.
Shara Turing

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