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Spooky Shadow
Physically/Mentally 15; Chronologically a few weeks older than his post date.
Male; he/him/his
Boogeyman / Rabbit Creature

A small, delicate, androgynous white-haired floof boy with pink eyes, bunny ears, and poorly fitted clothing.
Modern day Peter-pan lookin' feral menace, now a teen and ready to angst.
Friendly neighborhood sleep paralysis demon, plus shadow monster bunny forms of varying degrees.
Sleeps in the trees, eats in the trees, only leaves the trees to harass children and steal clothes.


Lithe, delicate, and wiry. A bit androgynous. Built for stealth and agility. Skin is super pale and pinkish, unblemished, prone to sunburns (albinism)
Delicate, soft, androgynous. Rather pretty, really. Has a vertical third eye on his forehead that he usually covers with hair around others. His front two teeth are a bit elongated, but don't stick over his lips.
Pale, rosy pink. White lashes. Full of spiteful intrigue.
Snow white, soft and disheveled with a little curl. Wears his bangs long, and has two longer face-framing chunks near his ears that he braids when he can. Often knotted.
He wears mostly stolen and thrifted clothes, but has finally adopted a little bit of style. Favors soft loose things when possible, and likes to fashion his own clothing and accessories whenever possible. Tends to be disheveled, unkempt, leaves in hair — but he's figured out hygiene by now.
Spooky doesn't need to blink, so sometimes he forgets to. When not in town, he often has bits of leaves and things in his hair. His fingernails naturally grow into claws if he lets them. Has a cute lil bunny tail & tall floppy rabbit ears. Extra eye, ears, + tail invisible to sleepers.


Skittish: Spooky is still a bit like a stray, abused animal in personality, and reacts with more skittishness around adults, large people, people in uniforms, and anyone who tries to control him. He doesn’t usually go places without multiple exit plans and is prone to popping in and out of scenes as it suits him to do. He keeps a distance, and is quite wary of friends and strangers alike. Lunging at him is a bad idea altogether. (to be edited)

Spiteful: Spooky considers his current existence alone to be spiteful, even though he only remembers his life as a test bunny in horrific psychedelic glimpses, and frankly he’s… not wrong. He’s not supposed to be sapient, let alone a people (though his people status is still sometimes debatable), but here he is, ready to cause a ruckus indeed. Think of him like an angry weird tsundere, or maybe a spiteful stray cat that will eat your free food and hiss at you anyway. (to be edited)

Seeking: Boy is this a loaded descriptor. What isn’t Spooky seeking? Food, refuge, a helping hand, revenge on all things sapient and powerful… Well, that last one is from his perspective, anyway. Spooky is constantly seeking, whether he acts like it or not, and he’s rarely satisfied. That’s because what, and who (himself, only), he has now isn’t enough for anyone, but he doesn’t even know what to look for, let alone how to ask… or who. (to be edited)

Additional Information
Manic Shitster: Spooky has gained some confidence and basic social skills over the last two-ish years. He's kind of a wild-child though.

PTSD: Spooky has limited recollection of his past life as a test bunny, but some things remain true: Spooky has a paralyzing fear of cages, sudden bright white lights, syringes/needles, medical equipment, humans in scrubs or masks of any kind, and anything else that is commonly found in animal testing rooms. He’ll have a panic attack if restrained and will probably flee if reached for or lunged at. As a rule, he doesn’t harm rabbits.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Apex Attribute (Speed)
Elemental Form (Shadow)
Elemental Manipulation (Shadow)
Enhanced Attributes (Reflexes, Agility)
Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell)
Intangible Form
Silent Movement
Unique Sense (Infrared/Thermal Vision)
Wall Climb
Artificial Lighting Vulnerability
Diminished Attributes (Durability, Regeneration)
Magically Dependent
Otherworldly Disturbance (Visions + Voices)
Restricted Diet (Fear)
Restricted Diet (Obligate Herbivore)
True Name Bound (Subject No. 03617)
Ward (Dream Catchers)

Core Advantage
Your Personal Sleep Paralysis Demon:
Spooky is capable of increasing sleepiness in people, and ensuring that those who are already asleep cannot wake without him allowing it. While someone is asleep, Spooky can invoke terrifying nightmares and sleep paralysis in order to feed off their fear. The more often Spooky feeds off of someone, the more both creatures can remember nightmares he causes. Otherwise, the content of the nightmares slips away over time.
Core Disadvantage
Caged Animal: If locked inside a metal cage, Spooky is reduced to the size, shape, and physical capabilities of an ordinary but emaciated white bunny. He loses access to his powers as well as speech, though his mind remains intact, and his only human feature is his ability to cry.
Sleep Sense: Spooky can sense if someone is asleep, and how deeply they are asleep at 30 feet.
Nerfs and Flavor
Elemental Form: Tends towards shapeless, humanoid, or bunny figures/monsters of varying sizes. Bunny forms usually look emaciated and unsettling. The more shadow available, the larger his forms can be. When solidified as a 3D shadow figure, he can be held but is nearly weightless.

Otherworldly Disruptions: Visions are glimpses from his past life and traumas, nightmare imagery, psychedelic horrors, etc. Voices are brief whispers from memories, as well as dark forces prompting him to scare others and do bad things. They're quietest shortly after he's fed on fear.

Elemental Form Nerf: Sunlight: Not "weak" to sunlight, but it makes his shadow form unstable and small. Direct unfiltered sunlight, i.e. broad daylight, could keep him tiny or force him out of it entirely.

Current Situation

Unemployed, unhoused non-student menace + local sleep paralysis monster.
He live in tree, he eat in tree, he only leave tree for harassment and thievery and then he go back to tree for sleep.
Literally dirt poor. He has some stolen clothing, an occasional den or tree hidey-hole, some stolen twine and such, and a stash of delicious berries/leaves/etc that moves as his den does.


Date of Birth
Exact Date Unknown
Place of Birth
Class A Test Animal Breeder near Portland, Oregon
Spooky is the result of a few things happening, none of which he really understands. He began as an albino rabbit used for medical and psychedelic testing in Portland. Later, an animal rights activist released many animals including Spooky. Between the testing, the evocation of limited sapience via drug use, and his unstable, desperate nature, he began absorbing latent magic throughout Portland. From there, he traveled until he reached the woodlands of Polaris Pass.

Upon arriving, the dark forces and stories that once turned Cole Blackburn (via Stefan) into a bogeyman found Spooky, and chose his vengeful soul to fill the void left by Cole’s death. This process stabilized Spooky’s abilities and fully awakened his sapience as, essentially, a new creature. Conveniently, the powers also gave him an understanding of English and some limited worldly conventions. Since then, Spooky has remained in he woods of Polaris Pass while adapting to his new life and consciousness.

Note: Spooky Shadow received his name from a small child camping with his parents in Polaris’ surrounding woodlands. He did later traumatize the child, possibly for life, but for once it was honestly an accident. A delicious, delectable accident.

—- and so he lived —-

Since his creation, Spooky sparked some unease in town. He gained a fleeting reputation as a feral child and, one Easter, hid plastic eggs all over Polaris. But the heat got too hot, and while feeding in a few towns over, he got picked up by... dun dun dun, the cops. He was psychologically evaluated and involuntarily admitted to a children's psychiatric ward while the state worked to figure out who the fuck he even was. He was dosed with medications intended to treat acute schizophrenia, among other things, and it drugged him into a stupor for a while.

When deemed well enough for foster care and flight-risk-free, he was sent to a family, then a few others. He changed hands frequently, considering the nature of his abilities and generally... acquired taste of a personality. None were particularly Harry-Potter-horrible, but none of it was good, really. At least not until Spooky snapped and flushed his medication, then fled into the woods.

He lived alone for a while, the worst he'd been thus far. Then some random things happened. He met some roaming hippies and got adopted into their group, and that was actually a lot of fun. He learned some real survival skills. After a while he left them too, once he'd regained some clarity and spiritual healing. Then he lived alone for a bit longer, before deciding to return to Polaris Pass. After all, Polaris still had the only adults he ever felt he could trust, and he's a bit tired now of being alone.

But not quite tired of trees!

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
Animal testing facility is based off of OHSU in Portland, plus the legality of psychedelic chemicals in Oregon for therapeutic and research purposes. Not named, however, due to…various things like fiction and stuff.

If ever tested, Spooky's DNA would read as 1/2 rabbit and 1/2 unknown. It's unknown how his aging might work.
Spooky Shadow

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