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Emma Vuong
Female (She/Her)
Awakened Human
Pre-law student at Olcott

Platinum blonde and pretty
Seeker of justice and comfort
Lives in a small studio apartment and earns enough money as a telemarketer to pay for essentials, pretty much lives from paycheck to paycheck.


170CM; 5'7"
Skinny with subtle, soft curves, pale skin with few burn and slash scars on her hips and thighs.
Pretty and soft with dark brown, prominent eyebrows
Platinum blonde
Fan of comfort, quality and breathability. Big sweaters, cardigans, baggy jeans and sweats all the way.


Resilient - Emma's life has been less than optimal ever since she can remember. So, she taught herself how to survive and, hopefully, thrive despite that. She doesn't let life or other people break her, even during her darkest hours she clings to her last vestiges of sanity out of pure spite. Just so she can stand back up afterwards and spit in the face of whatever was trying to bring her down. Indeed, even Emma's ability to carry a grudge is quite resilient.

Just - Emma has a strong sense of justice and she feels the need to right a wrong whenever she can, whether it's about her or someone/something else. She is trustworthy and reliable, and she has an indomitable spirit that won't be wavered by threats nor bribes. This is why she wants to be a lawyer; to bring the people who abused her and hundreds of others like her to justice. And then continue doing that until she dies trying.

Understanding - Despite how Emma's sense of good and evil may give the picture that she sees everything as black and white, she is painfully aware of how much grey there is in the world. She herself is very grey. So, she has a lot of compassion and kindness to give other people who similarly may have lost their way or done some wrong. But she won't discount the right that same person has done, and she is the type to judge others based on their actions rather than words. She is a believer of second chances, but not third.

Additional Information
Rash - When Emma spots what she thinks is an opportunity, she jumps at it, sometimes too quickly and without thinking. She is tad overconfident in her ability to adapt and overcome, and it has gotten her hurt on multiple occasions.

Hedonistic - Emma likes comfort and luxury. She absolutely adores being pampered, dressing in high-quality clothes and generally pursuing her own general well-being.

Current Situation

Studies pre-law at Olcott, starts her second year after summer.
Lives in a small studio apartment.
Has some income from a job as a telemarketer, lives modestly. Her degree has already been paid for.


Date of Birth
November 4th
Place of Birth
Emma was the result of an American tourist on his honeymoon having an affair with a Vietnamese woman. By the time the woman, Lan, realized she was pregnant it was too late to abort.

Lan raised Emma the best she could, but she wasn't a good mother. Thus, Emma ended up dreaming of a better life, clinging tightly to the idea of her unknown father. She idealized him, as well as the country he was from.

Emma did well in school, and graduated high school with excellent grades. Afterwards she got right to work to figuring out how she'd be able to get to America. And after some searching she found a promising au pair program and signed up.

Emma was accepted into the program and left home with little fanfare. At this point the mother and daughter were almost happy to be rid of each other. Emma travelled to America, full of hope that she'd be able to find a foothold there.

But the nightmare began soon after Emma arrived. The place where she was supposed to stay ended up being a glorified brothel. As soon as Emma entered all her possessions were taken and she was told, that she worked for a man named Cass now.

Emma's life at the house was awful. They made her entertain customers in various ways, with no regard to whether she wanted to or not. She was abused and humiliated in a variety of horrible ways.

Emma made several attempts to escape, but she never succeeded. In addition, her and the other residents were informed that going to the authorities was of no use. Cass had several of the local police officers in his pocket, and if any of the girls tried to snitch, they'd be arrested instead.

Emma lived like this for several years before she met Michael Taylor. He was a customer, but he quickly formed an attachment towards Emma. Soon after becoming her customer Michael offered to buy her way out of the house. Cass agreed, and Emma left with Michael.

Michael offered Emma a place to stay, as well as anything she could ever want, and she became his sorta girlfriend. Emma had him pay her way through pre-law degree and Michael pampered her.
In exchange Emma played along with his kinks and was the best girlfriend she could be. She felt like it was the least she could do, and as time passed, Emma started to also develop feelings for Michael.

Then, one day, a group of people arrived at the house. They threatened her at gunpoint and tied her up. They proceeded to reveal a horrible truth; artificial cat people called NEK0 existed, and Michael had been a big part of an operation to make and abuse them. In just the span of few hours Emma's view of Michael and the world was shattered. She received few thousand dollars, an explanation about the Veil as well as an email address to message whenever she had questions.

After Emma's world collapsed she wanted to leave Michael and Seattle and settle somewhere smaller and quiet. A place without chaos and crime, where she could piece herself and her life back together. So, she transferred to Olcott, a university in the small town of Polaris Pass, and she moved there.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Art done on a Picrew by OH12
Emma Vuong

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