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Female (She/Her)
Student at True North

Long and thin.
Curious mischief maker, very cat-like.
Can turn into a cat and talk to them, has a human/cat hybrid form, has heightened sight, hearing, agility and reflexes.
Lives with Kurumi and is dependent on her.


165MC; 5'5"
Tomomi has long limbs and pale skin. She is muscular but in a way that's telling of agility and speed, and her body is very streamlined and sinewy. Very feline-like. Tomomi has a gunshot wound scar on her side and is missing her pointer and middle finger from her left hand. Her finger and toe nails are pointed and sharp.
Tomomi has narrow almond eyes, straight nose and slightly narrow mouth with full lips. Her canines are sharp and if you touch her tongue you'll see it's rough like cat's.
Tomomi's right eye is bright yellow, her left eye is sky blue, and she has feline pupils, that expand and contract depending on the brightness of her surroundings.
Tomomi's hair is bright white and silky, and it reaches her neck. It's the same colour and quality as her fur in cat form. It's often messy and gets tangled easily.
Tomomi favours oversized clothes that she can drown in, otherwise she has no preferences.
Tomo's feline features look normal to sleepers, and both her eyes look blue to them.


Curious - Tomomi was curious as a cat, but now that she has gained a human form she is curious about the world in a whole new way. Tomomi is always eager to explore new places and things, and she wants to create a new way of life for herself, after her former was ripped away from her.

Independent - Tomomi thinks she can do most things herself and she's quick to refuse help, even when she herself knows she needs it.

Distrustful - Tomomi has been burned badly, and it shows in her attitude when approaching new people. She gets defensive easily and avoids getting too close to anyone. If she is curious about someone she tries not to show it, and if someone is nice to her Tomomi is quick to assume they have ulterior motives.

Additional Information
- Tomomi suffers from PTSD, and loud noises and knives might trigger her.

- Tomomi can curse quite a lot, since her owner was a gamer who cursed like a sailor when they streamed.


Ability Format
Standard Traits; Spellcasting

- Animal Form (Cat)
- Animal Connection (Cats)
- Hybrid Animal Form
- Enhanced Attributes (Agility; Reflexes)
- Enhanced Senses (Sight; Hearing)
- Mesmer *
- Lure (Oil; Lick it)
- Restricted Diet (Meat)
- Weakness (Iron)
- Sensitivity (Citrus)
Nerfs and Flavor
* Tomo can only mesmer people when in cat form

- When in her cat form Tomomi can walk on her hind legs and talk like a person. But to sleepers her human speech in cat form will just sound like meowing.
- During full moon the form Tomomi gets stuck in is her cat/human hybrid form

Current Situation

Student at True North academy
Lives with Kurumi Sato.
Is dependent on Kurumi.


Date of Birth
August 8th.
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
- Tomomi was born as a normal cat. Her mother was a stray cat, who died soon after giving birth to Tomomi and her two siblings.

- Tomomi and her siblings were picked up by a kind passerby. They were delivered to a local animal rescue agency, where they were nursed to health.

- Tomomi was adopted by a family in Polaris Pass.

- Since her birth Tomomi was more sentient than a normal cat, and as she aged her intelligence and awareness grew. By the time Tomomi was 10 she could understand human language perfectly (English and Japanese), and had learned how to play the violin from watching her owner play it.

- Bit before the summer 2023 Tomomi finalized her transformation, and she turned into a human in the middle of the night in her sleep. Thankfully she woke up before any of her family members could see, and quickly transformed back into a cat. Tomomi had no idea what was happening and what she was, but since she didn't know what else to do, Tomomi just continued living as her family's pet.

- During June 2023 Tomomi accidentally turned into her cat/human hybrid form for the first time right in front of her family. In a panic she couldn't turn back and tried to talk to her owners. Immediately they started screaming and threatening Tomomi, and during the chaos the mother sliced two of Tomomi's fingers off with a kitchen knife. Tomomi, in pain and scared, fled the family's house and ran.

- After the incident Tomomi, too afraid to return to her owners, became a stray cat. She stayed like that until the full moon night of July 3rd. Tomomi transformed and, taken over by her instincts, returned to her old family's house. Once there, the family yet again panicked. Tomomi, feeling threatened, attacked first the daughter of the family Diana, and then the father, Shuichi, when he shot her. Tomomi escaped by jumping through a window.

- Tomomi was found by Kurumi Satou the following morning, and was taken to safety and treated. After about a week of healing Tomomi accepted Kurumi's offer to move in with her, and now she lives with her.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Human art made on a Picrew by Didimdal
Cat art made on a Picrew by tausune
Anything Else
- After transforming into a bakeneko Tomomi gained understanding of Japanese language, both written and spoken.

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  1. Changed lure, added mesmer

    Instead of fluttering objects Tomo is now Lured by oil, and she can mesmer people when in cat form