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Jun Haku
Male (He/Him)
Student; Senior is Cordelia S. Moore

Pink-haired, k-pop idol looking soft boy
Anxious yet bit sassy nerd with wallflower tendencies.
Has a familiar, can perform transfiguration magic, has a werewolf form, enchanced hearing, smell, strength and speed
Lives in a small to-bedroom flat with a roommate. Earns enough to support himself. Studies at Cordelia S. Moore.


175CM; 5'9"
Jun is pale-skinned with a slim body structure and some muscle definition. Jun has a scar on his left forearm, four thin but deep scratch marks.
Jun has a soft face with a defined jaw, a flat, straight nose, narrow mouth with plump lips and oval-shaped eyes.
Jun has dark brown, almost black looking eyes, and long eyelashes.
Jun's hair is pink and wavy, it reaches just above his ears and he keeps his bangs swept to the side.
Jun's favourite colour is pink, and he likes always wearing at least one piece of clothing in that colour. His clothes lean towards oversized academia-style and lights and pastels


Snarky - Not overly so, but as Jun has lived on his own and as his authentic self, he has gained more courage and dares to express his snarky, sarcastic sense of humour. He gently teases people a lot, though he still tries not to be too hurtful.

Stubborn - Jun is pretty set in his ways, in good ways and bad. When he makes something into a habit it's very hard for him to break that habit. Same applies to his opinions, and his attitude when performing tasks. Jun is a perfectionist and a bit too much of an idealist, so much so that usually he has to learn things are wrong or should be done differently the hard way. But Jun is a quick learner and once it has been proven to him with certainty, that he should change, then he will.

Positive - Despite the hardships Jun has been through, he just can't help but look at the bright side of things. He finds it easier than most to keep on going and trying even if he has failed once or twice. Maybe it's Jun's stubbornness at play, but the man really doesn't know when to give up or despair. The day Jun's spirit is broken will be a dark day indeed. Due to this trait of his it's hard for him to see anyone else feeling down or despairing, and he has the habit of comforting even strangers, even when it's not necessarily welcomed.

Additional Information
Perfectionist - Jun has very high standards for himself, and even when he reaches them his low self-esteem finds some fault in him or the things he achieves. If everything isn't just so he has failed. Jun tries not to apply his high standards on others, and often succeeds, but when it comes to something he cares about he finds himself slipping and judging and critizising whoever has not reached the standard he expects.

Empathetic - Although Jun is an emotion sponge of sorts expressing empathy doesn't come naturally for him. He is a person who is very introspective, but he has practiced hard along the years and learned how to show the kind of care and kindness to others that others rarely showed him.


Ability Format
Standard Traits; Spellcasting

- Hybrid Animal Form (Werewolf)
- Enchanced Senses (Smell/Hearing)
- Enhanced Attributes (Strength/Speed)
- Moonbound (First Quarter Moon)
- Sensitivity (Wolfsbane)
- Weakness (Silver)
Transfiguration - Jun can change himself, objects and other people both cosmetically and fundamentally.

Core Advantage
Muffy - Jun has a familiar named Muffy, who is a small black ram about the size of a golden retriever. He is more intelligent than a normal ram(about as smart as a 3-4 year old), can turn into a stuffed animal at will. Jun can also summon Muffy.
Muffy has the same magical abilities as Jun and he can help amplify the strength of a spell cast by Jun by about 50% (this will cause severe fatigue for both Muffy and Jun after the spell has been cast).
Muffy doesn't need to eat or drink, he gets whatever energy and nourishment he needs by passively absorbing it from Jun and his magic when they're near each other. If Muffy is away from Jun (farther than 20 meters) for longer than 24 hours he'll gradually become weaker and weaker, and after a week of separation Muffy will die.
Upgrade 1: Jun got a familiar~
Upgrade 2: Jun got Cosmetic Shifting, and Muffy's smarter and has more magic too
Upgrade 3: Jun has spellcasting and can do simple transfiguration now, and Muffy got a small power-up
Upgrade 4: Jun is a werewolf now, and his magic lost its limitations

Current Situation

Student; Senior at Cordelia S. Moore.
Jun lives in a small two-bedroom flat near his school, lives with a roommate.
Jun earns enough to live semi-comfortably and put some aside for savings.


Date of Birth
March 10th
Place of Birth
- Jun was born in Japan, but soon after his birth his parents moved the whole family to the US due to his father's job.

- Jun had a tough time during his early childhood in daycare and school, and as consolation his parents got Jun a kitten. This kitten, Tomomi, quickly became Jun's best friend.

- After Jun started elementary school his parents showed just how controlling and manipulative they could be. They put a lot of unnecessary pressure on Jun, and had a very specific idea of who and what their "daughter" should be. Meanwhile Jun was coming to terms with the fact that he wasn't a daughter at all, and that he would have to hide that probably for the rest of his life.

- When Jun entered puberty and his body started to change in ways that caused him great anxiety, he found solace in streaming. Behind closed doors he could, for a short while, become who he wanted to live as, and it was during these times when he discovered his preferred name of Jun.

- During the summer of 2023 happened an incident, that turned Jun's life upside down. His cat Tomomi disappeared, a mountain lion broke into their house not once but twice, and Jun got a big scratch scar on his forearm. But although Jun's parents were quick to admonish Polaris Pass as a place to live and moved the family away, Jun couldn't help but feel suspicious of the incidents. Couldn't help but feel the "mountain lion" really hadn't looked like a mountain lion.

- After Jun moved away from Polaris Pass he kept feeling that something was off, and he began negotiating with his parents. Jun wanted to move back to Polaris Pass and finish high school. It took several Powerpoint presentations, arguments and debates before his parents agreed (with many conditions).

- In July Jun moved back to Polaris Pass, determined to find his cat and best friend, and figure out the circumstances behind the "mountain lion" incidents. After digging around he found out the "mountain lion" had, in fact, been his pet cat Tomomi, and he was awakened in the process.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Jun made on a Picrew by じゃろ
Muffy generated on Aitubo
Anything Else
- Jun can play violin and piano perfectly, and he's okay in flute.
Jun Haku

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