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3 (looks & acts mid-20s)
Male (He/Him)

Athletic catman with purple hair
The perfect soldier
Doesn't sleep, learns quick, knows all the languages, is strong and agile, heals really quickly and doesn't feel much
Murasaki is currently unemployed, he lives in an apartment provided by Charlotte


170CM; 5'7"
Athletic and pale. Has faint scars all over his body. Has a little tuft of a short purple tail on his lower back.
Slim and delicate, with a narrow mouth and plump lips. He has cat ears the same colour as his hair.
Lime green
Long and straight purple hair.
Dresses semi-formally in dress shirts and shoes and slacks, both at and outside work.


Numb - This is by design. Murasaki's creators didn't want him harbouring unnecessary emotions and discouraged showing or expressing his feelings. Murasaki feels, but it's all muted and far away, like an echo from beyond a lake. He did allow himself to start feeling more after some encouragement from Maple, and every day his emotions are growing a little stronger. Murasaki is still bad at emoting outward or otherwise clearly expressing his emotions.

Militaristic - Murasaki is like this both in speech and demeanour. Back always straight and steps measured and quick, words always articulated and clear. His living quarters will always be scarily neat, minimalistic and organized. His fighting style's much the same; Murasaki has no concept of going easy on someone, he will always aim straight for the kill with ruthless efficiency, unless he's been ordered to do otherwise.

Rational - Perhaps it's because his feelings have been repressed, or maybe he's just naturally like this, but Murasaki's way of viewing the world is down to earth and logical. When possible he will take the path of least resistance and prefers a straightforward approach to things. If a complex situation or conundrum is presented to him it will either take a bit longer for him to process everything or he will solely rely on the muscle memory and instincts trained into him by the corporation.

Additional Information
Remorseful - Upon allowing himself to start feeling emotions Murasaki found himself feeling a significant amount of guilt over what he did. He does his best to do what he thinks he should to atone.

Inquisitive - Murasaki has a list of things he thinks he should (and wants) to try doing. The list is always changing and although Murasaki tries to be efficient and organized about it he sometimes tries things spontaneously or forgets to try something already on the list.


Ability Format
Custom Species (NEK0)

- Omnilingual
- Rapid Learning
- Sleepless
- Enhanced Attributes (Strength/Agility)
- Apex Attribute (Regeneration)
- Body Part Regeneration
- Mental Vulnerability
- Suggestible
- Starving
- Lure (Catnip; Chew/Get intoxicated by it)
- Weak Spot (Regeneration Chip) *
Core Disadvantage
Numb - Murasaki's sense of touch is diminished by about 30%.
- Take an Advantage without taking a Disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
* The regeneration chip at the base of Murasaki's tail, embedded in his spine, is what makes his regeneration abilities possible. Removing it will not only disable those abilities, but will also make his body seize up and die

- Consuming catnip is the only thing that makes Murasaki sleep aside from being ordered to or being artificially made to lose consciousness

Current Situation

Lives in an apartment provided by Charlotte.
Doesn't own almost anything and is still accumulating wealth of his own.


Date of Birth
May 27th
Place of Birth
NEK0 laboratory, Japan
Murasaki was created to work as security at the NEK0 corporation's laboratory, and to optimize his usefulness he was given superhuman regeneration. Right after waking up he was given training and conditioned to obey any and all NEK0 corporation's employees and taught to have absolute loyalty to the corporation. Murasaki was used in demonstrations few times, where his abilities were shown off to potential customers. They would make him fight 10 people at once, or chop off an arm and a leg to show off Murasaki's regenerative capabilities.

For 3 years Murasaki worked for the corporation with little to no issues. Then, in March 2024, the lab was suddenly raided by a group organized by a rogue nek0. Murasaki was patrolling outside the lab at the time; he was knocked unconscious by an Olcan, and when he woke up he had been captured. As per his creators' orders, Murasaki prepared to eliminate himself. But it soon became apparent that the NEK0 corporation had fallen and Murasaki's creators were no more. This information cancelled out all the active orders given to him by his creators, alongside the self-termination.

Murasaki, without orders or purpose, was taken to Polaris Pass alongside some other NEK0s. He quickly created a resume and was hired as a security guard, and he keeps on living similarly to how his life was before.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Created on a Picrew by DECO

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