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Jennifer “Jenny” Wonderland

Jennifer “Jenny” Wonderland
Chronological age is unknown. Mentally and physically adult.
Intersex (identifies as female)
Magical Dormouse
Formerly debt collector in Alice’s inner world, currently advisor and assistant to Alice Wonderland.

A white dormouse in a knee-high Victorian dress with playing cards motif.
Lively gentle-lady that honestly cares about others’ feelings.
Apex Strength,Travel Home, Comically Indestructible, Remote Communication with Alice.
Living with Alice, but very rich in the inner world.


Shy of 6 inches.
White dormouse with a large red diamond suit birthmark in the middle of her back.
No particular feature in this mousey face.
Deep blue eyes with diamonds-shaped pupils (when dilated, it still looks round as normal);
Braided long blond hair.
Favors a red knee-length Victorian dress that exposes her birthmark on the back, white leggings that have all four suits of cards embroidered, pink shoes, and an yellow rose pin on her chest with the words "Vita Brevis" ("Life is short" in Latin) in black on the stem (provided one looks at it close enough). If she is seen in any other attire, it normally matches the situation and era.
Sleepers often mistake Jenny for a puppet, animatronic, clockwork robot, or doll, depending on the situation. But more often than not they simply will not care about looking her way, or will dismiss it as “seeing things”.


Gentle-lady - Jenny talks like a noblewoman, and prefers to behave like a proper lady regardless of the situation. Does not mean you can make fun of her or insult her, else she might use a more colorful language.

“Live for tomorrow.” - Jenny has a bit of an adventurous spirit, but favors self-preservation above adventure. That is what got her in the situation that resulted in her finding a way out of Alice’s inner world.

“If you are happy, so am I!” - Jenny is someone who cannot keep a good mood if the person she is interacting with is not in a good mood. This has to do with her experience as a debt collector, where she softened her tone when dealing with someone who is feeling under the weather. That got her a little bit of infamy for going too easy on debtors

Additional Information
Jenny speaks with a voice and accent that is similar to that of Alice, but squeakier as if she were on Helium. Doesn't fear cats or anything in particular, but knows that she can't fight and has to retreat instead. Loves nearly any kind of drink, specially alcoholic beverages and tea, and has a thing for salty snacks. Not much of a sweet-tooth. Likes to sleep to classic music.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

+ Travel Home (Alice’s Inner World)
+ Apex Attribute (Strength)

Core Advantage
Comically indestructible - Due to being part of Alice Wonderland’s inner world, whenever she is manifested she is immune to harm in the real world, but in an unusual way: any harm done to her can only be of comical nature, following cartoon logic. That is to say that if someone tries to pull her apart, she will stretch until she is let go, at which point she will snap back into her original shape, or if she’s cut at the waist her lower half will walk off and the top half will swim after it to reattach, or if she can be crushed into a wobbly flat version of herself which can be reinflated by blowing into her own thumb. It still hurts, but not in an unbearable way. There’s no gore either, it’s as if her interior is made of a clay as white as her exterior.
  • (Initial Bonus) Remote Communication with Alice - Due to being originally a resident of Alice’s inner world and being given the Wonderland surname by Alice, Jenny has gained the ability to remotely communicate with her. To a bystander, it will appear as if they are talking to themselves, and anyone who can read minds will only hear a monologue if anything
Nerfs and Flavor
  • Apex Attribute (Strength) - Applies in relation to her own size and nature, making it possible for her to lift up to 5 kilograms.
  • Travel Home (Alice’s inner world) - She can only come out of places within 10 feet from Alice, often small spaces and with a preference for teaware such as teacups, teapots, kettle,etc., as long as no one is observing where she is coming from (though a kettle or teapot with its lid on is fair game). Heading back to the inner world can happen by either using any small space or teaware, or simply popping out of existence into a white ink-like substance.
  • Life-Bound (Alice Wonderland) - The explanation for this is simple: If Alice dies, her inner world and all creatures that came from it will vanish as well. There will be no trace of them, no memory of them. Even if somehow Alice is brought back, the inner world cannot be rebuilt.

Current Situation

Formerly debt collector in Alice’s inner world, currently advisor and assistant to Alice Wonderland.
While outside Alice’s inner world, she sleeps in her coat’s pocket or in a toolbox that has been altered into a small house for her. Inside Alice’s inner world, she has her family’s mansion.
Inside Alice’s inner world, her family is very rich. But outside the inner world, her wealth depends on Alice’s.


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Alice’s Inner World
  • Jennifer was born some time after Alice has been cursed into the anthropomorphic rabbit she is now. It is uncertain when, but must have been shortly after joining the circus troupe.
  • Born to a noble family in the Diamonds Nation, she grew up surrounded by luxury and would one day become part of the people that keeps the financial balance of the Alice’s inner, as one of the debt collectors. She wasn’t that notable, except for those who despised her being too soft, or those who admired her empathic attitude towards debtors.
  • Come one day she goes to collect debt in the Spades Nation, but got chased by Shrack Cats, shadow cat-like creatures that reside in cracks and resemble living sticks. During the chase she jumped into a hole that led her out of the inner world.
  • Not long after, she managed to meet Alice and knew right away who she was, asking if she could live with her. After introducing herself as Jennifer Diamonds, Jenny asked if Alice would be willing to give her the surname of Wonderland, as she was willing to leave her past as a debt collector to join Alice’s sides as an advisor and assistant, and Alice complied. From that day on, Jennifer became a new dormouse.

Additional Information

Art Credits
None yet.
Anything Else
  • Jenny has very high alcohol tolerance for her size, and whenever she starts to feel drunk she feels the need to sleep it out.
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