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Alice Wonderland

Alice done by myself.

Alice Wonderland
24 (Mental & Physical), 15 (Chronological)
Doe Rabbit (She)
Magic Rabbit
Stage Magician, Shopkeeper, Private Performer.

Anthropomorphic white rabbit who dresses like a magician’s assistant.
Entertainer, extroverted, flirtatious, and your friendly stage magician.
Heightened sense of smell and hearing, superb reflexes, and the ability to make (stage) magic real!
Has amassed a small fortune herself, but lives on the second floor of her two-story shop.


1.62m (5’4”)
Slim, pink skin and paw pads, white fur, has a black spade suit mark on the middle of her back facing upwards, black paw hands, digitigrade legs.
Oval face with a pink nose and a black diamond suit mark under her jaw.
Amber-colored, upturned.
Feathered shoulder-length black hair.
Red V-neck leotard with a black heart print in the middle of the chest, thin golden belt, navy blue tailcoat and red top hat with black and white diamond-patterned band with an ace of spades stuck on it, frequently carries a magic cane she tricks into other shapes.
Sleepers sees Alice as a short-breasted fair-skinned woman with a spade suit-shaped birthmark on her right hip, and will assume her rabbit ears and tail to be part of her attire.

Her fur gets more dense during the winter, with some of the fluff from her chest area seeping out of the leotard, which Sleepers will see as a white cravat.


Entertainer - Alice loves playing around with people, usually seeking some way to amuse them rather than herself, always keeping an eye out for someone who needs a little bit of awe in their lives.

Extroverted - Due to her life in the showbiz for years, Alice has lost all the shyness that should have held her back from social interactions, and made her a little of an attention-seeker.

Flirtatious - Alice is quite the flirt, making moves on anyone regardless of gender or species if they push the right buttons, knowingly or otherwise.

Additional Information
Normally Alice is energetic, however rainy days have a tendency to make her rather sleepy. Although she adapted herself to having a more omnivorous diet, she still has a bit of difficulty eating meat, hesitating for a moment. The scent of other animals often makes her more comfortable, although in a few cases involving potential predators it can make her uneasy until properly acquainted.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Novelty Magic Candies Confection - Ability to produce candies (or sweets in general) for amusing, overall harmless, magical effects.

Core Advantage
Wonderland’s Looking Glass - Alice possesses the ability of making her magic tricks as real as possible without needing specific props, artifacts, lighting, or effects. These can range from guessing someone’s card without seeing it, reshaping some things, to even mid-range teleportation, doing the classic trick of cutting someone without creating a bloody mess and still allowing them to retain control of their displaced severed body parts, or even impaling someone without actually causing any harm. Transformation trick however is just teleportation to trade places with something else nearby.
Due to her nature as an entertainer, this ability cannot be used for intentional harm, and is even more effective if she’s on a stage, where proper lighting and effects can make the tricks more convincing. Sleepers will be subconsciously urged by this ability to believe there’s a logical explanation to how she can do it and that there’s nothing supernatural about it.
  • "Cutting" Someone - When she cuts someone apart, the cut area will actually be connected by a sort of wormhole, as well creating a pitch black shadow on the affected that hides anything gruesome that would normally be seen otherwise. When she undoes the trick, any obstruction is removed in a perfectly safe way for the "victim".
  • Teleportation - If she teleports someone, their senses will fail for a brief moment to mask what is actually going on: they are taken through a wormhole in a matter of centiseconds to their destination, whether it's to trade places ("Transformation" as defined previously) or just to teleport.
  • (Initial Bonus) One Disadvantage removed.
  • (Upgrade) Added one advantage (Travel Home (Inner World))
Nerfs and Flavor
  • True Name Bound (Daisy Spades) - Calling her just “Daisy” when asking a question or making a request makes her likely to comply, but calling her “Daisy Spades” causes a whole change in her disposition, making her extremely obedient with a wide smile.
  • As a consequence of what gave her this anthropomorphic form, she stopped aging entirely, and perpetually looks like she is 24.

Current Situation

Stage Magician, Shopkeeper of “Wonder Gates: Magic and Tricks for All”, Private Performer
Second floor of “Wonder Gates: Magic and Tricks for All”, which features a small kitchen, a medium-sized bathroom, a large living room which was split in two with half of it serving as storage room, and a medium-sized bedroom. There is clearly some luxury to it, including a large flat TV, but otherwise looks pretty average.
Amassed a small fortune through performances with her master and gambling, enough to live a comfortable life for long.


Date of Birth
July 7th, 2007
Place of Birth
  • Born as a perfectly ordinary rabbit, Daisy Spades was adopted and named by a young magician in his mid 20s, when he detached from the Silver Bell Mafia Circus to start making a name on his own as The Enigmatic Lunamage and his assistant Mad Hare.
  • For her first year and half of life, she was always well cared for, loved, and participated in numerous of his magic acts, including the Transformation Trick which was his specialty, “turning” Mad Hare into Daisy, and then Daisy back into Mad Hare.
  • However a jealous rival, in a bid to ruin his show, bought a cursed wish-granting amulet from a shady dealer and wished the trick would go wrong, paying with his existence, and causing Daisy to turn into a humanoid rabbit. Mad Hare managed to cover for her before people saw her, saving the show in the nick of time.
  • While covering for what Daisy has become, Lunamage gave her the name of Alice Wonderland and declared that she was someone he recruited for his shows along the way, but encountered the dilemma of teaching her how to live in this new form.
  • Thankfully, the ringleader of the Silver Bell Mafia Circus offered support and introduced her to the troupe. For at least four years she was taught how to walk, changes to her diet, speaking, writing and some basic sleight of hands. It was then when Alice learned she could do actual magic and people would perceive it as sleight of hands or illusionism.
  • Once reunited with her owner, Alice had to readjust to her new role as his assistant, right on time for a show in Las Vegas. It didn’t take long until she was in the spotlight due to her off-stage tricks and wins during various games, however she didn’t know what to do with her winnings
  • Choosing then to consult Lunamage about it, he passed unto her documents and plans he had for a shop for aspiring magicians of all ages and skill levels, including contacts that she could make and even a recommended location: Polaris Pass.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Banner sprite solely made by me
Anything Else
  • Alice attributes her behavior when called by her true name to an instinct acquired from her days as an ordinary rabbit. For her it’s as if she heard that name for most of her life.
  • Alice has a driver’s license, and acquired a brilliant red 2010 Audi A6 Wagon. She has plans to customize its look.
  • She is known to play guitar rather well in her spare time, and has a black acoustic guitar in her bedroom.
  • Alice is fond of eating raw carrots (although she washes them first) from time to time.
  • Has a blue mackerel tabby cat named Cheshire who actually “smiles” when waiting for head scritches and is rather very affectionate and fearless.
    • Cheshire was originally a stray. She simply adopted him and had him take his shots, but he always was a well-behaved house kitty.
    • The cat is now a man.
  • The initial budget to set up the shop comes from both Master Lunamage and Alice’s own fortune.
  • There are two business cards: one is for contact with the shop for orders or support and is either answered by Alice or by the Mad Hatter, the other has her direct contact details for her private entertainment services.
    • Both business cards have the same back featuring an Ace of Spades, but the front is different: one features the Wonder Gates logo, the other features a normal rabbit peeking out a top hat with a magic wand in their mouth

About “Wonder Gates: Magic and Tricks for All”:

Above its double doors fits a large luminous sign featuring the image of two colorful iron gates with “Wonder Gates” in changing colors, with flowery fields on each side of the gate.

The shop itself is arranged in four aisles featuring a variety of kits for magic tricks to “Impress your friends!”, books on the subject factory-sealed, playing cards, tricked-out items for magic, everything for all ages and skill levels. Although behind the counter is a section concealed by curtains that is for professional magicians who need new props to replace broken ones with.

Isaac Steel "Mad Hatter" works there with Alice.
Alice Wonderland

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