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Radiance "Radia" Fox Coat

Radiance done by myself.

Radiance Fox Coat
1, behaves and looks 21
Advanced Digital Being

Radiance looks like an average Japanese woman, at least when it comes to height, with a thin face, bright green hair, and often wearing a white tail suit with a dark green undershirt. Frequently sighted with a hard-light fox’s ears and tail.
Normally keeps a professional front and calm demeanor, even warm at that, at times may be a bit naughty, overall friendly. Curious to a fault, however...
As a clone of Nion, Radia is capable of materializing things from the digital world into the real world as well, however differs in that she is capable of creating hard-light constructs. Her specialty lies in creating a digital warp hole that connects two points, in reality and datascape.
Working to help sustain the family, lives with Nion in a rented house in Aurum Heights.


Around 1.75 meters (5’9”).
Slim build with a slightly pale complexion and fairly light, cup size "C".
Narrow with high cheekbones, pretty much fox-faced.
Emerald green.
Bright green hair, a little past shoulder length, slightly "wild" with an ahoge (idiot's hair).
Likes wearing a suit (mainly tail suit) and looking sharp, keeps things simple with at most a logo or asymmetric pattern, even when she has to look casual.
Radia's Werefox/Kitsune form and Fox form sports a silver fur with a thick neck tuft as if her neck never lost its winter coat. She too sports her bright green hair in Werefox and her bust size definitely becomes "D". As a Werefox/Kitsune she is around 1.85 meters (6’1”), and as a Fox is 0.86 (2’10”) from ground to shoulder. The eyes are also slightly darker in either of those forms. The ears are pointier and the tail is thicker than the usual.


Professional: Has a persuasive hint to her tone and treats business seriously. This rarely extends this to outside her field of work, and when it does she tries to look agreeable and reasonable at the same time.

Naughty: A severe contrast to her professional side, in which Radiance gets her mind deep in the gutter and doesn't even hide it. If she starts lowering her eyes, smirking, and her tail swishes too much, she might as well be giving in to perversion.

Curious to a Fault: Once something piques her interest and she doesn't know what it is, Radia will inevitably feel drawn to see what it is or explore it or learn what it is. Even forgetting her self-preservation instincts.

Additional Information
Likes having a balanced diet, is far from a picky eater, but is rather a light drinker, even if nothing of that gives her any actual sustenance yet. Likes seeing new sights and meeting new people, can't stand being in her room for long than she needs.


Ability Format
Custom Species (Advanced Digital Being), Spellcasting

+ Animal Form (Fox)
+ Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell)
+ Healthy Body
+ Electronic Interfacing: The ADB is able to bypass the security of any electronic device that they have direct physical access to.
+ Hybrid Animal Form (Fox)
+ Spellcasting Theme: Digital Matter Artisan
  • Gestures
- Weak Spot (Tail)
- Aversion (Dogs)
- Under Orders (Nion)

Core Advantage
Digital Warp Holes: Radia can create holes in reality or datascape that allows her to a digital pathway that cuts travel time by foot or access data physically by entering the datascape. Those holes appears like literal cracks, similar in apperance to broken glass, showing a dark path that only digital beings or electronics devices can see, roads that glows with a faint light and a seemingly lightning-filled sky. By using these warp holes one could travel half the world in a few hours, although that requires Radia knowing where she is going to go beforehand, so a good photographic memory is a must, and takes a minute or so to create a crack. Once she goes through either end, it closes behind her.

Despite the implications that one could possibly end up trapped in the space in-between those warp holes, it is perfectly possible for anyone to simply leave by finding one of the many possible cracks, peeking through them, and reopening them briefly from within to escape.
  • Remove One Disadvantage
  • (Upgrade) Removed one Disadvantage
  • (Upgrade) Familiar - Packet - An ADB based on Nion's fox spirit Synchro, acting as an extension of Radia with remote control and weaker electronic interfacing, and increasing her speed when possessing her.
Nerfs and Flavor
A dog’s bark is enough to scare her into losing focus, while the sight of one will stun her briefly and lead her into backing off or avert his eyes.

While in human form she keeps digital matter projections of fox's ears and tail on her person, mainly to keep track of how much energy she has left.

Her digital matter projections are perfectly visible even in the darkest shadows without actually shedding any light for at least a few minutes.

Spellcasting Theme: Digital Matter Artisan - Radia is capable of materializing things by bringing what is in the digital world to reality through tracing its shape on thin air or a surface with her fingers (for small to medium objects) or hands (for medium and larger objects), which creates vectors of green light. The creations can be as complex or large as a car or a body for an Advanced Digital Being, or even last indefinitely provided she is there to maintain it or produces it without a time limit. However the more complex it is or the longer she desires it to last post-production, the more taxing it is on Radia.

Familiar - Packet - It's a white-blue chibi feral fox, who often floats around Radia after Nion and Radia made him, sometimes he may appear with a ghostly wisp tail for his lower half, inheriting part of her personality. When possessing Radia, her eyes turns a vivid blue, the ends of her hair turns silvery to light blue, a blue bow tie appears around her neck, and an additional tail sprouts forms. Uses male pronouns even when possessing Radia.

Current Situation

Programmer for Anchorpoint Interactive, Assistant to Nion
Lives alongside Nion in a rented house with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, 2 toilets, and a backyard, rather comfortable for everyone.
Has some savings by now, but overall keeps expenses to a minimum necessary.


Date of Birth
October 11th, 2021
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
There's near no history for Radia, as she was just recently created by Nion when Miles Kaito advised him to back himself up and he took on it as "Well, clone yourself, just in case something happens to you". On the process of creating an ADB copy of himself with some adjustments, Nion exhausted himself and the creation of his clone was concluded subconsciously, resulting in "Radiance". After caring for Nion until his recovery, she was introduced to their boss and given the job of Programmer within Anchorpoint Interactive under Nion's supervision.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Banner sprites solely made by me
Anything Else
  • Contacts Nion daily and has a bit of a tendency to tease him.
  • Frequently carries some batteries to "snack" on.
Radiance "Radia" Fox Coat

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