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species: dragon

  1. Theia

    Ziah Ulk'torath

    Ziah was created at the hands of the last surviving dragons of the Ulk'torath, a clan of dragons whose driving purpose was never conquering or hoarding vast wealth the world had never seen. Their passion as a clan was knowledge and creation. They studied magic deeply, learned to bend earth and...
  2. Shim

    Kinsley Moore

    Kinsley’s mother, Merryl, was an alligator shifter who became pregnant after a fling with Kinsley’s father, Benny, a swamp dragon from Louisiana. Benny was long out of town by the time Merryl realized she was having a child, and despite putting him on the birth certificate, she never did track...
  3. Big Jeffe

    Etienne Incendo

    Etienne was born as the result of several generations of very selective breeding with a singular purpose. Create the next heir to the Incendo clan. Of his siblings, which includes Emelie, he was the first to be born, and quickly proved himself worthy of the title by establishing himself as the...
  4. Big Jeffe

    Emelie Dorakir

    Emelie is the most recent member of the Incendo family. a very old, very powerful dragon clan. She was the last one to hatch, and by far the smallest. As a child she was largely dismissed by the other members of her clan, written off as a mere runt who would never account to much. This enraged...
  5. Max!!

    Gwyn Dorakir

    Gwyn's parents conceived him with the full intention to breed the strongest dragon of the new generation. He was homeschooled for his early life, and put through intensive training. He learned very quickly the only way to gain any real praise or adoration from his parents was to get through his...
  6. Big Jeffe

    James Lawsen

    James was born as the youngest child of a fire dragon, and a human mother. Unfortunately, his mother died during child birth, and the dragon didn't exactly know or care to learn how to raise a human child, so he promptly abandoned James. Thankfully, his mother had a younger brother, a...
  7. Max!!

    Hector Morales

    Hector’s father was a dragon, his mother was an awakened human, though she had no powers to speak of. They eventually made the decision to move to Polaris Pass as they had immediate family there. It was also a good and easy neighborhood to raise a blatantly supernatural child in. Hector grew up...
  8. Max!!

    Alexander Drake

    For several decades Alex was just an egg on a shelf. A decoration piece in a mage’s collection of magical oddities. And then one day, he hatched. He hatched and with no one to challenge him, claimed the collection as his hoard. The humans who would come to be his parents were understandably...