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Shina Fuutenko

Shina Fuutenko
Thousands of years old, often looks and acts adult.
Genderfluid, prefers female.
Celestial Kitsune
Retired harvesting deity, currently Vtuber “Fuumi 10-Ko”, and hostess at a secret Hostess Club in Japan.

Outside of her Vtuber persona, she dresses with overall traditional clothes and has a bit of a personal touch to it. When she’s not a 4-tailed red-eyed white fox with pale golden accents, she looks mostly human, sans her tail(s) and ears.
Soft-spoken, gentle, caring and helpful. However do not mock her Godhood, she may lose her composure. As her Vtuber self she is very cheerful and energetic, displaying too many emotions with clarity.
Enhanced senses of smell and sight, spatial magic, weather influence.
Lives comfortably enough to spend without care and has her residence inside a pocket dimension.


1.98m (6’6”) as part-human or werefox; 1.83m (6 feet) as her Vtuber self; 7m (23 feet) at shoulder height as fox.
Light skin tone and slim body, having a bit of an hourglass figure, particularly busty in her part-Human form, but not much in her werefox form. As a werefox or fox, she has white fur.
Thin, triangular face, befitting of her fox nature.
Either red or blue eyes with feline-like pupils.
Waist-long black hair as part-human and werefox; mid back-long dark red hair as her Vtuber self.
Usually favors traditional clothes and prefers red and white, however depending on what she is doing that changes:

• "Fuumi 10-Ko" - As her Vtuber persona, she wears childish (colorful specially) clothes and sneakers, usually featuring anime and manga characters, but may feature cartoon and comics characters as well, befitting her mid-teen look in this form. Her viewers also see her avatar dressed like that.

• Hostess - Prefers to wear red and white flower-themed kimonos that are only knee-long at most, and hand-crafted zori sandals, may tie her hair into a ponytail with a silver ribbon.

• Deity - Always wears shrine maiden clothes, sometimes has ears of rice as hair sticks.
Outside of her Vtuber persona, all forms feature four tails and pale golden accents on the tips of ears and tails, however each form also has some traits unique to them:

• "Fuumi 10-Ko" - Blue eyes, plain white ears and singular tail.

• Part-Human - Blue eyes, red tattoos extending from the corner of her mouth, forming pointy fangs and following along the jawline.

• Deity - Red eyes, red lining around the eyes and on the sides of her snout, black paw pads.

• Fox - Red eyes hidden behind a white glow, swirling flowy red markings along the body reminiscent of the flow of the wind, pale golden paws and paw pads.

Sleepers will either mistake her ears and tail for a robotic toy when she shows up as "Fuumi 10-Ko", even going as far as hearing servos, or fail to perceive her fox-like features at all when she is in part-human or Deity form. If they attempt to see her fox form they will just see a fog very vaguely shaped like her, as it rapidly dissipates from their sigh


Caring Hostess - Always one to look after the others, provide support, speak softly and listen to them. Shina keeps secrets well, no matter how dark they may be. This is always top priority for her, even above her pride.

Proud Retired Deity - Even if she no longer has her divine duties, Shina is still really proud of it, and prone to brag if her feats are brought up. Just don’t mock her for being retired, you only get three warnings and the third one does not count! Claims to not miss being a deity, but might be lying.

Fuumi 10-Ko - A personality Shina developed to adapt herself to a trend of the modern world, a teenage girl with extreme cheer and energy, displaying a veritable rainbow of emotions and being extremely supportive of her fans.

Additional Information
Unusually for a kitsune, Shina does not like tofu (but won’t refuse), and loves dogs, to the point of having wept at the death of Hachiko. Displays plenty of talent and interest in cuisine and art, but particularly in gaming ever since adopting her Vtuber persona. Absolutely ADORES her godchild, Nion Tsubasa, even if she might not have been there as much as she wished to.


Ability Format


Core Advantage
Divine Weather Influence - Shina’s mere presence can affect the weather in a variety of ways: clearing out the skies, drawing on clouds, bringing forth winds, inducing rain and thunderstorms, etc. However it is all within her control, even if her emotions have a sway to a smaller degree, allowing her to gather only enough clouds to bring down a lightning at a desired spot, or a strong gust to blow only a specific object in a direction.
Nerfs and Flavor
  • Her monster form is described in the “Appearance” section.
  • Life Bound (Omamori) - Shina carries on her person an antique inro case with a single omamori containing the ashes of her first husband within. Should it be taken from her, Shina will start to wither like a plant and crumble within minutes. If it is destroyed, she will immediately wither and crumble.
  • Weak Spot (Tails) - Merely grabbing one of her tails is enough to weaken her.
  • Spellcasting Theme: Spatial Magic - Shina has to clap her hands/paws together and pray for a few minutes in order to create a gateway connecting two points. However if it is just to create a small barrier she can just focus a little to create one by her hands, feet or paws.
    • It is through this that she can also access her pocket dimension and that of anyone related to her (Nion Tsubasa), or portals similar to those related to her (Radiance Fox Coat).
    • When accessing recurring familiar places or making relatively small portals, she only needs to pray for something between 30 seconds and 2 minutes instead.
  • Spellcasting Theme: Transformation Magic - While this mostly applies to Shina herself, this can be temporarily cast on others, granting them a different form that can be as small as a mouse or as big as her monster form, by doing a silent fox gesture at them and saying "Kon!"

Current Situation

Retired Harvest Deity, Vtuber “Fuumi 10-Ko”, Hostess at “Yokai Heaven”.
A 4-storied pagoda located in her own pocket dimension, with 13 fox servants to maintain the place.
Wealthy enough to comfortably spend her fortune accumulated through centuries.


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Southern China.
  • Shina was born a long time ago, long before the founding of Japan, in a countryside part of China. Back then she was known as Xue Tan, the “Snow Blanket”, by those who had seen her roaming the fields. As a young fox spirit breathed out by the Gods, she yearned to see the fields covered in bountiful harvest, and used what little powers over the weather she had at the time to support the farmers. Eventually, they came to start worshiping her as a Harvest Deity.
  • As time came to pass, people’s faith began to waver except for a farmer who continued to strongly believe in her. Said farmer’s descendants, however, would migrate to a new land, and bring her idol with them, bringing Shina to Japan. In there a small village worshiped her and gave her new strength with the aid of new Gods she came to meet.
  • One day, she fell in love with a young farmer, and swore to always be together with him. Six children they had, but she outlived all: her lover, her children, her grandchildren, generations came and went. It always gave her a tinge of pain each farewell, but she held close the ashes of her loved one as a reminder that his love is what keeps her together and was able to move on and on.
  • Fate be one day a couple met her on the way out of a bar and got along really well, asking her to be the Godmother of their soon-to-be born son. And that was how Shina entered Yakou Tsubasa’s life, giving him her blessings. She had little involvement, but adored being around him, even if he still couldn’t see her true self.
  • With Yakou’s death resulting in him becoming a sort of digital ghost, Shina attempted to interfere and imparted with him a small part of her own soul, granting him the ability to have his own pocket dimension.
  • Having observed him from afar, she was reluctant to approach him, as Nion was unlikely to recognize her for the last time they had met he was still a Sleeper. Yet, she gifted him with a blade and a trusty familiar that was sealed within it.
  • Finally having found courage, Shina decides to make her move to approach Nion and reveal a connection he had no idea was there all along.

Additional Information

Art Credits
None yet
Anything Else
  • "Yokai Heaven" is a mysterious hostess club that only opens at night and in random places around Japan. As the name implies, it is staffed primarily by yokai, with a few retired deities and humans among them. There is nearly no restriction on their services, but killing or harming is a big no-no. Whenever a Sleeper manages to find their way into it, they eventually drink themselves unconscious and wakes up at their own home mistaking all that transpired for a dream.
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