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Spring Happenings


Mar 15, 2021
Want to note something that was reported to the police? Want to mention a rumor that would be circling? This is the place! Whether it's gossip, news, or something more serious, please be clear about what is being spread. What's the information? Who would be hearing it? And if it's related to a specific thread, please link the thread so people can read for more context.

Do you want to see how things might play out based on what's happening in your characters story? Do you think it might make an interesting jumping off point for a site plot?

When posting a rumor or event, please mention that you're okay with the staff using it as part of a plot. Not every post may end up as one, but staff will use happenings as springboards with player permission.
Strange Series of Break-Ins & Dreams

During this week numerous people have reported break-ins to the police. The victims describe waking up from bizarre and strange vivid dreams, only to see a figure escaping. Each victim is unsure how the culprit gained access to their apartments, and none of them saw the culprit clearly. Some do claim they saw the culprit literally squeezing themselves out from under a door or a window. Aside from food and, in one case, clothing, the culprit has not stolen anything of value from any of the victims' apartments.
In addition, many people who haven't reported break-ins have also just been seeing very strange dreams they normally wouldn't see.

Who Can Know?: Anyone, the police have been reported, rumours fly and the local paper did an article about it

Site Plot?: Sure. You can also say your character or someone they know was among the people who saw strange dreams or had their apartment broken into, but please inform me about it.

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In the living quarters of the space crew's ship, there is a vase that was left on the central table. Inside the vase is an arrangement of various metal flowers. 2-3 flowers originate from each of the crew's home world, or wherever they might have considered their home world. Mixed in with the vibrant metal flowers are a large number of real flowers that the crew might have seen down in Polaris Pass starting to bloom. There is no note of who left them, or why. But they are there for all to enjoy.

Who Can Know?: The Space Crew and anyone they tell.

Site Plot?: I don't really think so, but if there's an idea please check with me and @Theia

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On the Sunday-Monday night, sometime around midnight, a loud, long howl was heard somewhere in the forest west of Polaris Pass (near the place where that sudden thunder storm happened a week or so ago).
In addition, anyone sensitive to magic might have felt a surge of it if they were somewhere near the area.

Who Can Know: Anyone who was awake and close to the area, and anyone they tell.

Site Plot?: Probably not

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Surprising Arena Result has Underdog Advancing Against All Odds

Late last night, an Arena Deathmatch in the Pit paired Yasmin Moore and a Demon well outside her previously shown capabilities. A speed demon with size and strength enough to put an end to the unbroken streak of survived Death matches Icefire had been fighting in. Those with any real political knowledge and interest in the fight could find out pretty easily it was rigged. Something meant to take the fighter out to get to the Demon behind her, and to take a burgeoning threat out of play. Many found the thought of an angelic warrior fighting amongst demons reason enough after all.

The fight was tough to watch, Yasmin having her literal lights snuffed out in the process. But pride is the fall of much greater people and empires than the demon in the arena with her, and a well placed last ditch effort from the warrior secured her the match while her opponent was boasting about what should have been an assured victory.
Who Can Know: Anyone who watches pit fights or is read up on the news oriented side of the pit.

Site Plot?: Probably not

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XaraCryptid's Final Video Released, Indefinite Hiatus Announced
After a three month absence; XaraCryptid, a mid-tier content creator on a popular streaming platform known for her painstakingly well researched spooky storytime, has announced she is going on hiatus indefinitely due to her poor mental health due to insomnia and suspected psychosis-like symptoms.

Her final video on Polaris Pass' forest, titled 'There's Something About Polaris Pass', documents a series of stories and sightings from within the forests that surround Polaris Pass. In its conclusion however, the video shows a series of clearly supernatural events involving a sighting of a strange bat like creature and a ghost sighting. These events are discussed openly by Xara though she invites the viewer to 'draw their own conclusions'.

Who Can Know?
Anyone who may have spent any time on the spooky, dark or mysterious side of their video streaming platform of choice, awakened or otherwise, or is actively following these kinds of channels or Xara's work specifically.

Site Plot?
I want to bring her back somehow. If anyone has a character who would reach out to her having lifted the lid on Polaris Pass' supernatural goings on, message me as it will likely shape what I do with her next.

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To whom it may concern, Jun has been pretty much awol since the 17th. He hasn't answered any calls and barely answers to texts, and he hasn't been to school or appeared online.

Who Can Know?: Anyone close to Jun, or schoolmates

Site Plot?: Nah

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Nek0/Catfolk Yoga and Self Defence Classes
Flyers advertising Self Defence and Yoga classes aimed at the Polaris Pass Nek0 community have appeared in The Last Stop and at GMMA. The invitation is extended to other cat folk too.

Who Can Know?
Anyone who pays attention to the Bulletin Boards in the Last Stop or at GMMA, anyone who may have heard of it through word of mouth.

Site Plot?
Probably not, mostly for flavour or a plot device for folks to use.

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A Rabbit's Secret Easter Egg Hunt
Alice has been dropping subtle hints about an Easter Egg Hunt through various sources (particularly internet), and one would be required to use the clues to find them. But it won't be any easy task: a certain set of clues leads to the "loser" eggs, which when opened bursts into confetti and streamers, with her voice saying "Sorry, your prize is in another egg! Good luck finding it!", with the consolation prize in it being a voucher for a free homemade candy basket; while the other set leads to a single "winner" egg, where she informs "Congratulations! You have won one free pass to hire me for your party or event. I will even support in setting it up if you want. (And if I like you I might extend it, who knows~) What? I didn't whisper anything, hahah!"

Who can know?
Anyone paying attention to bulletin boards or checking the social networks regularly.

Site Plot?
Unlikely, just a plot device for someone seeking interaction.

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Pit Fighter Gains Her Freedom

Few days ago a semi-known longtime arena fighter at the Pit, Jigoku Monban, fought Kirikak, a former famous Pit fighter, who owned her. Kirikak is known to sponsor, train and own multiple other fighters in the Pit. Jigoku Monban and Kirikak were in agreement, that if Jigoku Monban won, she would be free from Kirikak's ownership. Jigoku Monban was able to beat Kirikak after a long fight, she took some of Kirikak's monetary assets and then left the Pit all-together soon after. Word got out that she paid someone to open a portal to Earth for her, more specifically to Polaris Pass.

Who Can Know?: Anyone with connections to the Pit who is more or less in the know about what goes on in there

Site Plot?: Probably not

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