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Artemis Lind (Formerly known as Ganymede)
18 physical, 9 chronological
Male (not picky about pronouns)
None; lives off inheritance and piano gigs / chess tournament winnings

A young, dark-haired, blue-eyed catboy who dresses sharp
Considerate, Polite, Clever, craves affirmation
Rapid learning. Sleepless. Un-aging. Easily bossed around. Spatial magic and household magic.
Lives in a large house formerly owned by his former owner, Ture Lind. Has access to more than enough inherited assets to keep that household afloat, and supplements that with chess tournaments and occasional gigs where he plays the piano.


5'2 (1.57m)
Lithe and effeminate, with some muscle tone. He has scars on his chest in the shape of Lichtenberg figures
Often seen with a subtle, seemingly effortless smile. Sometimes wears makeup.
Blue, wide
Black hair kept slightly longer than is average for a boy. It is straight and always well-groomed. Parted elegantly around the catlike ears on top of his head.
Often unusually formal or old-fashioned for someone his age. Favors suits, dress shirts, suspenders, tuxedo vests. Sometimes wears dresses and skirts.
He has catlike ears on his head. He does not have a pair of human ears. He also has a furry black cat tail. He has a jagged little scar on the back of his neck, usually hidden under a scarf or shirt collar.


Polite - Artemis is very careful about how he speaks and behaves, always striving to avoid any sort of impropriety. Even when he insults someone, he's sure to be gentle, indirect, and never vulgar.

Considerate - Artemis is more attentive to the needs and comfort of others than to himself. He will often do small kindnesses for friends, acquaintances, and strangers beyond what's expected of him.

Praise Me! - Artemis craves acknowledgement and praise. Whether for doing right by someone or for being smart or knowledgeable, he needs that affirmation, and he gets a little insecure without it.


Ability Format
Custom Species (NEK0), Spellcasting

- Weakened Attribute (Strength)
- Suggestible
+ Spellcasting Theme: Domestic Magic
+ Spellcasting Theme: Spatial Magic

Upgrade 1: Removed disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
  • Artemis, like most other nek0s, cannot age naturally

Current Situation

Occasionally plays gigs as a pianist or wins money at chess tournaments.
Large house in Aurum Heights
Has a large inheritence from his deceased former owner, who was legally his father. Sometimes makes extra money off chess tournaments.


Date of Birth
March 20, 2014 (Celebrated on the Spring Equinox each year)
Place of Birth
A secret laboratory in an undisclosed location.
Artemis was created by a secretive organization known as the NEK0 group. He was commissioned by a wealthy, unscrupulous warlock named Ture Lind. At the time, he was named "Ganymede" after the stolen prince who served as the beloved cup-bearer of Zeus. He was also stuck in an un-aging, seemingly 12-year-old body.

Ture was a demanding master, and Artemis's life with him was especially difficult at first. However, despite their rocky start, the two began to develop a mutual respect and affection for each other. Ture fostered Artemis's inquisitive nature in ways he found acceptable, home-schooling Artemis in Polaris Pass for almost his entire life.

Ture was a former president of the Polaris Pass NEK0 Owners' Association. Artemis has often been held up as an example of a well-behaved and well-trained NEK0.

After Ture's death, Artemis finally had his freedom. He has since started school, changed his name, gained his "father's" wealth, and found a way to age his body.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Commissions by Basha, ReenieRue, Lentaru, and Syelockhart
Anything Else
Talented pianist and chess player.
Artemis Lind

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