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Madeline "Maddie" Moore

Madeline Moore
Cis Female
Demon, half-human
Student (Junior), Local Musician

white teen with green hair, horns, pointy ears
Adventurous. Enjoys entertaining others.
Illusions, flight, profane weapon
Lives with her aunt and plays music gigs for extra cash


5 feet 6 inches (165cm)
athletic / sporty
pointy nose, expressive eyeliner
Shoulder length and wavy. Dyes her hair unusual colors, lately green.
Favors unbuttoned flannel shirts and jeans, when not in a uniform. Tomboy vibes.
Conical white horns sticking out of her head, pointy ears


Adventurous - Madeline craves excitement. She's sometimes willing to break rules or take risks just for a thrill.

Creative and unconventional - Madeline has an artistic streak. She also finds herself drawn to the strange and unusual, while anything too conventional can leave her with a bad taste in her mouth.

Insecure - When the going gets tough, Madeline often doubts that anyone will be there to back her up. She worries about how she'll destroy whatever relationships she does have.

Additional Information
Has a southern accent.
Is openly hostile towards religion, and Christianity in particular.


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
Illusions - Madeline can create illusions up to 50 meters away, if she has a clear line of sight. Her illusions affect both sight and hearing, and can make any sound or take on any appearance she likes. Within 10 meters, her illusions even feel real, though they cannot directly cause harm.

Illusions require focus to maintain, especially when they're complicated. Multitasking can be difficult, and distractions can lead to the illusions distorting, flickering, or being entirely dispelled.

Illusions that she makes from farther away cannot be as complex or detailed as illusions that are close to her, and they require more focus to maintain. Madeline can see through her own illusions, and can give others this same ability while touching them. Her illusions will show up on cameras and sound recording devices; they actually generate light and sound. Someone immune to magic or mental effects will still be able to see and hear them them, though they would not be able to feel them, and they may not be as convincing.
Nerfs and Flavor
Her profane weapon is an ornate saber with words engraved on it in a common dialect of Abyssal; a demonic language. The blade has its name, "Heaven's Scorned" engraved on it. Its fancy handguard has "With Righteous Fury I Will Strike At Heaven."

Current Situation

Student / part time gift shop cashier
Aunt's house, in a less wealthy part of aurum heights
Has most of her needs provided for by her aunt. Helps pay bills by doing various tourism-related jobs.


Date of Birth
June 6, 2004
Place of Birth
Small town in Alabama
Madeline grew up in a rural southern town with fairly religious parents. As a baby, she cried during her baptism and got a terrible rash afterwards. As she grew up, she became increasingly averse to going to church. When she was nine years old she sprouted horns and her powers began to manifest. Her parents assumed she was struggling with some kind of mental illness giving her delusions. It wasn't until she had an episode of involuntarily floating off the ground that her parents became Awakened.

After learning that their daughter was an actual, literal demon, they kicked her out. Fortunately for Madeline, she had an aunt who was already awakened and was more accepting of Madeline's otherworldly nature. Madeline gave her a tearful phone call, and she got on the next plane down to where Madeline was staying. When the dust had settled, Madeline had a new home in Polaris Pass with her aunt. She has grown up there since late 2012, attending the private school where her aunt taught.

Additional Information

Art Credits
  • art commissioned from elii116
  • art also commissioned from snrxn
  • additional commissioned art from Enicard
Anything Else
Her aunt is an awakened human named Jean Hughes who teaches math (and some electives) at True North
She did fencing for a few years after her sword manifested, but no longer goes to competitions.
Madeline "Maddie" Moore

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