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Luminance "Lumi" Argent

all art by opfelian

Luminance Argent
~20 physically/mentally, 29 chronologically
Female (She/Her)
Half Fallen Angel, Half Demon
First Knight and Advisor to the Queen of Brilliance

Teenage girl with light, faintly purple-colored hair and eyes.
Emotionally blunted, keeps her walls up most of the time. Nerd about fighting.
Makes stuff out of hard light. Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes
When she's on Earth she's staying wherever Maddie is.


5'5" (165cm)
Svelte and athletic, with several "eyespots" placed symmetrically on different parts of her body.
A darkened circle beneath each eye. Shows so little emotion her face is like a mask.
Pale grey-violet. Her pupils are cloudy like she has cataracts, but she can in fact see.
Same pale violet hue as her eyes
Favors her clothes from Brilliance - odd, elegant asymmetrical black and white dresses, with accessories that sometimes match her eyes for a splash of color. She can sometimes be convinced to dress 'like a normal person.'
The eye-spots under her eyes sometimes glow when she uses her powers. To sleepers, she has grey-blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.


Emotionally Blunted - Lumi rarely feels or expresses any sort of strong emotion. Even when she does, it's muted.

Clever - Lumi understands politics and how to use people to achieve her goals. She even has a sense of humor, when she lets her guard down.

Walls Up, Showing Cracks - Growing up around hell politics, Lumi was trained to expect that everyone has an angle they're playing for. She's slowly learning this isn't true for everyone, and starting to grow more comfortable around others.

Additional Information
  • She will absolutely infodump on you about her Interests, with minimal provocation. This is socializing, yes?
  • She has substantial gaps in her knowledge of the surface world, though this does not distress her too much.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

+ Apex Attribute (Strength)
+ Apex Attribute (Reflexes)
+ Enhanced Attribute (Durability, Speed)
+ Travel Home (Hell - Brilliance)
- Sensitivity (Holy Symbols)
- Elemental Weakness (Holy)
- Elemental Weakness (Profane / Unholy)
- Magically Dependent

Core Advantage
Hardlight Constructs: Lumi can conjure solid objects made out of hard light and move them with her mind. For example, this can include weapons, barriers, and platforms or handles she can use to fly or lift other people. These constructs have temporary weight and physical form, despite being 'made of light.' If broken, they will shatter like crystal before dissipating.
  • Constructs she makes with this ability do not resemble normal objects. They can look like they're made of faintly glowing translucent purple glass, or opaque and bright like a switched-on fluorescent bulb.
  • Constructs require concentration to keep intact, especially if they sustain impacts. Only one or two discrete objects can stay particularly durable at a given time.
  • She can fling smaller constructs with the force of a modern crossbow.
  • Lumi can only make constructs within 40 yards of her.
  • Larger and more complex objects would take much longer to conjure, would be much easier to shatter, and would require much more concentration to maintain. A dozen functional school desks would be near her limit, and it would take her about half an hour to make them.

Current Situation

First Knight and Advisor to the Queen of Brilliance
Lives in the Palace of Brilliance in hell, and has chambers near Madeline's. On earth she mostly lives out of Jean's house.
Theoretically rich, but most of her wealth is useless outside of hell.


Date of Birth
September 11, 2001
Place of Birth
Brilliance (a kingdom of hell)
  • Luminance was born to a noble family in Brilliance, which is a place in hell.
  • Her lack of horns contributed to rumors about who her father might be - both her parents had horns, looking much like the other nobility in Brilliance. Theoretically, she should too.
  • She once wanted to grow up to be Luster Brilliance's lead advisor - which would have given her more real power than any of his brats.
  • She was away from the kingdom, studying statecraft and martial combat, when Glint Brilliance, Sazz Deceleus, and the Pit came to dethrone Luster, killing Lumi's family in the process.
  • Glint denied his direct involvement in the coup and pointed Lumi at Sazz like a missile, blaming him for her family's demise. She was never stupid enough to fully accept his story; she knew Glint had some responsibility for this. Still, she mostly blamed Sazz - Glint could never have done this without his help.
  • Madeline's arrival at the palace, and whispers of Glint's plans to arrange a marriage for the girl, presented a golden opportunity for Lumi. She had several plans, and contingency plans, to shepherd Madeline into the role of monarch, whether she stole her would-be husband's throne or her father's. Though she never expected Sazz to drop a coup directly into her lap, and that's precisely what he did by taking out Glint.
  • Her bet paid off, and she has her dream job now. She's even something like the queen's consort, and genuinely likes Queen Madeline now that Glint isn't drugging her. But why does she still feel dead inside?

Additional Information

Art Credits
All art by Opfelian
Luminance "Lumi" Argent

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