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Heather Renault

Heather Renault
Female, she/her
Awakening Human
Student, Junior at CSM

Wimpy teenager with luscious blonde hair
Snarky, low-energy, and a little prickly
Telepathy. Telekinesis. Weak to psychic abilities.
Lives with her parents, who are relatively wealthy, on either the low end of 'rich' or high end of middle class.


Runner's build: strong legs, not much muscular development anywhere else. some scars on knees and elbows from falls she took.
kind of a baby face
Bright blue
Blonde, luscious hair. Lately, She favors fancy braided hairstyles.
Favors skirts and colorful dresses. Sometimes dresses like a pirate. Often wears a hoodie resembling that worn by the fighting game character Bridget
Wears thick-rimmed glasses most of the time


Usually Slow to Judge - Heather is very tolerant of strange behavior, often taking in stride things that would surprise or shock most others. She often even finds strangeness amusing or endearing.

Whimsical and Faelike - Tryphosa's fae-like ways have rubbed off on her. She's becoming more prone to using her abilities to pull minor pranks, and she gets some joy out of saying things that are *technically* true, while still very misleading.

Risk-Taking - Heather has become more outgoing and prone to taking risks than she was before she transitioned.

Additional Information
Easily flustered when affection is shown to her.
Occasionally overshares


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
Telepathy - Heather can read other people's minds, and speak directly into their minds. She can read surface thoughts, and catch bits and pieces of memories directly related to those surface thoughts. Her telepathic communication can cross language barriers, as well as enabling her to communicate using memories, images, feelings, and other sensations.

Heather can sometimes create telepathic bonds with other people. These bonds allow her to communicate telepathically with them from a few miles away. If these bonds aren't used regularly, or she doesn't spend time around those she's bonded with, the bonds can wear off.

Finally, if Heather 'screams' at someone telepathically, she can render them severely disoriented. This can cause dizziness, impaired hearing and vision, and at the most severe, unconsciousness. Doing this causes Heather to get the same symptoms, but milder.
removed disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
Heather has poor control of her supernatural abilities, though it is improving steadily. She sometimes lifts things telekinetically or reads minds entirely on accident.

Heather can communicate with animals with the help of her telepathy, and they usually kind of just roll with it.

Current Situation

Student, junior at CSM
Her parents' house, in a nicer part of town outside of Aurum Heights
A decent allowance, and fairly well-off parents who are happy to throw money their kids' way to support their interests. Has her own car.


Date of Birth
19 February
Place of Birth
Portland, Oregon
Heather suffered from a terrible tragedy on the day of her birth. Her parents named their 'son' 'Heathcliff.' She still bears the scars from this. She was making fun of her former name well before she transitioned.

Her father saw an opportunity over a decade ago to quit his office job and take over a car dealership outside of Polaris Pass; thanks in part to his business acumen and incredible luck, he's done pretty well for himself. His family, including Heather, had to move out to Polaris Pass with him. By now, Heather has been attending Cordelia S. Moore high school for a few years.

Everything changed after she asked one Tryphosa Argyris to the school dance. After telling Tryphosa she didn't want to go in a suit, Tryphosa got her a beautiful dress made by the fae. Her awakening to the supernatural world made her feel like a faerie tale princess - and the euphoria this made her feel made her realize that she couldn't go back to being a boy.

Her parents didn't take her transition well. Now it seems like the whole town knows about the strained relationship between Heather and her parents.

Additional Information

Art Credits
> Art commed from Foxxys
> Art commed from MatchaArt
> old avatar was made in this charactermaker by icedcitruss.
Anything Else
If your character has been in town long enough, they can know about the drama between Heather and her parents.
Heather Renault

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