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Jean Hughes

Jean Hughes
46, looks like she's in her early 30s
Female, She/her
Awakened Human
Math Teacher at True North

30-something white woman with short, dark hair. Often wears stereotypical witch hats.
A prickly, sassy prankster who secretly has a heart of gold.
Telekinesis. Is an actual "psychic." Can manipulate the fates/fortunes of others and make magical herbal medicines.
Has a house in aurum heights, makes enough money to support herself and her niece with a little saved up for a rainy day.


white / almost pale. Not athletic, kind of bony.
Her facial expressions at rest usually give off the impression she's judging you.
Short and dark, in a pixie cut which can make some people think "Karen" on a bad day.
Sometimes dark, sometimes colorful, but usually flowy and witchy. She really likes stereotypical pointy "witch hats," both ironically and unironically.


Prickly - Jean has a tendency towards being (or appearing to be) cynical about most people. Some people think she likes her plants more than most humans.

Sassy - Jean can be sarcastic, and sometimes even impudent if she knows she can get away with it.

Secretly, a heart of gold - She likes helping people, but she's loathe to admit it, and she wouldn't appreciate you telling people that.

Additional Information
She can be very petty. She's been known to use minor fate magic to prank people. Her demeanor tends towards tired and dry.


Ability Format

Spellcasting theme: Magical Herbalism

Spellcasting Theme: Fate Magic

Core Advantage
Jean is attuned to knowledge that the limitations of space and time should deny her. This manifests in a handful of ways, including:
  • She always knows when someone is trying to contact her, and about what. If you knock on her door, call, or text, she'll know who you are and why you're doing this without looking.
  • She knows when someone she cares about is in danger, and she has an intuitive sense of when danger is approaching or when terrible things have happened.
  • She regularly has prophetic dreams. Important facts about the future sometimes come to her through a filter of symbolism, which she can translate at least 70% accurately.
  • Looking into her crystal ball, she can see visions of someone she's thinking about. These visions can be from the past, present, or future, and she can't control which.
  • Can almost always tell when someone is trying to trick her.
Core Disadvantage
The Coin's Curse: If Jean accepts money in exchange for using her magic for someone, she will lose her powers until she earns the forgiveness of the spirits that granted her magical powers.
removed disadvantage (making room for Telekinesis)
Nerfs and Flavor
  • The products of Jean's magical herbalism have expiration dates, lasting about a month before they start losing potency.
  • Her most potent herbal magics will, occasionally, have permanent effects. Jean cannot predict when this will happen.
  • Jean has limited control over the actual effects of her fate magic. It often does things she doesn't expect, only following the general outline of giving specific people good or bad fortune.
  • She can't use fate magic on a game of chance she'll personally profit from.

Current Situation

Math teacher at True North Academy
A little house in Aurum Heights near where she works.
An above-average teaching salary, with enough money saved to cover a few emergencies.


Date of Birth
May 1
Place of Birth
Some small town in Alabama
  • Grew up in a small town. Was the family black sheep, only partly because her powers began to manifest when she was a teenager
  • Her ex-girlfriend, who she met in college, introduced her to the broader supernatural world, including the coven that taught her magic, and through them, other magical practitioners
  • She tried to make money off these powers by pretending to be a naturopath at one point. While this was very lucrative for a couple of years, and she did help a few people, she found that trying to replicate her ability at scale for profit was spiritually damaging to her. No amount of people she healed cold shake off her sense that her work was harming the world in some way. She quit just as she was making it big.
  • was able to draw on her math minor and connections with old friends to move on to math teaching, which she's been doing at True North for over a decade now.
  • Took in her niece Madeline after Jean's sister and brother-in-law disowned the kid.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
  • Maddie's aunt.
  • Some students are terrified of her. She knows when you've copied your homework off someone.
  • There's an untrue rumor that she's turned a student into a frog. There's a completely true rumor one of her coworkers turned into a frog after eating a cookie from a tray marked "DO NOT EAT - JEAN HUGHES." in the teacher's lounge.
Jean Hughes

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