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Kato Meipuru
Appears ~18. Consciousness is 5 chronologically.
Cis Female
NEK0 / Bio-Engineered Cat-girl
Agent of the NEK0 company

Blonde catgirl with a calico fur pattern on her tail and ears. Wears cutesy outfits with ribbons
Alternates between 'cute and innocent' and 'troublemaker' personas. Lies frequently.
Computerized brain, superhuman physical ability and senses. Weak to electricity, malware, telepathy, catnip.
Living out of a hotel in the Aurum Heights area


5'6 (168cm)
Waifish white girl
Clear and unblemished with a button nose
Blonde, straight, and shorter than shoulder-length. Covers where her human ears would be if she had them.
Cutesy outfits with frills and ribbons
Has cat ears and tail with a calico fur pattern


Puts On A Cute Front - Maple spends a lot of her time presenting herself as cute, endearing, sometimes innocent, and maybe a little mischievous. This persona can be useful to her, but she also enjoys embodying it.

Rotten And She Knows It - Maple is aware that many of the things she's done were morally wrong, and she struggles with how to cope with that. Sometimes she revels in it and leans into it, other times she's openly miserable about it, sometimes she'll seek redemption.

Does Not Fear Death - Maple has already faced death, and it wasn't really that big of a setback. She'll put herself in dangerous situations just to feel alive.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

+ Omnilingual
+ Rapid Learning
+ Sleepless
+ Enhanced Attributes (Strength, Durability)
+ Enhanced Attributes (Agility, Speed)
+ Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell)
- Mental Vulnerability
- Starving
- Lure (mint/catnip - chew / otherwise get high off of it)
- Elemental Weakness (Electricity)
- Malware Vulnerability

Core Advantage
Maple has three cloned bodies, each with a computerized brain that allows her to synchronize her consciousness and memories between those three bodies. Thanks to this technology, the three Maple clones can effectively behave as a single person. Her computerized brains also allow her to interface with the internet and other computer networks. This gives Maple the following capabilities:
  • Internet and phone network access similar to the "Walking Smartphone" advantage.
  • Ability to circumvent most network security measures, given enough time and concentration
  • Commit certain pieces of information to her shared long-term memory with perfect accuracy
  • Synchronize memories and/or consciousness between the 3 Maple clones, wherever they may be in the world. She has control over when and how the synchronization happens.
Core Disadvantage
Maple and all of her clones contain a device that was once used to exert more control over her. This device tracks her, can induce pain, pleasure, or sleep, and can even vaporize her. A sufficiently advanced hacker could trigger these effects remotely. Maple has the ability to trigger the device to vaporize herself.
Removed disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
  • Maple gets high when using catnip and some related plants. The high lasts for about 5 minutes, after which she can't be affected for about half an hour.
  • Nobody else fully understands the contents of her consciousness database. It can't be audited.
  • There have been 9 Maple clones, of which 3 survive. These are Maple 3, Maple 5, and Maple 9 - names they use internally for each other based on the order of their manufacture. All three have nearly identical capabilities, appearances, and personalities.

Current Situation

Lives with Nion Tsubasa and his family
Has some personal wealth allowed to her by the company. She supplements this with some extra money she's stolen after the fall of the company.


Date of Birth
March 20, 2019 (Maple-1 created)
Place of Birth
Maple was made by the NEK0 company as part of an experiment to computerize human consciousness, making it possible to make a "back up" of someone's mind. Her brain and body were engineered to function alongside her implants, and she owes her life to that. Her original 'sisters' were not afforded that luxury. All of them have died or suffered greatly in the pursuit of her creators' immortality. Her later sisters were made as clones of her, sharing in her mind, allowing her to be in multiple places

Maple continued to live and serve as an asset to the company, and to a former NEK0 executive named Kachi in particular, whom she once loved. They taught her to obey and serve them, as well as to kill, intimidate, or kidnap for them - and she became very good at all of these things. She sometimes serves as a gentle hand in re-training and re-educating repossessed or misbehaving nek0. It was miserable. But she loved Kachi, and she trusted that one day, he would change the company, make it less cruel. Move it away from the catperson trafficking, into something less horrifying, like defense contracting, where the real money was.

The raid on the nek0 labs brought an end to all that.

Now, there are three Maples left. Two of them live in Polaris Pass with one of the raiders, her rescuer of a sort, Nion Tsubasa. In the wake of all she's lived through, she needs to find some new purpose for her lives, beyond what her masters used to demand of her.

Additional Information

Art Credits
- Original art adoptable by kimrinwoo

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