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Anaphiel - "Ana Lewis"

Ana Lewis (True name: "Anaphiel")
Literally older than dirt. Looks like she's in her twenties or thirties
Not particularly, but puts 'female' on government documents
Angel / Cherubim
Tour guide, employed by Stefan Jogstad

Androgynous, beautiful blonde with a cherubic face. Sometimes is a tetramorph that looks like a bull, human, eagle, and lion at the same time
Bubbly, full of joy and laughter unless someone else around her is unduly upset.
Can shapeshift into a tetramorph whose mere presence can be harmful. Partial shifting into aspects of her true form. Flying. Omnilingual. Can interface telepathically with the internet. Weak to unholy stuff. Has to feed on love and aid the acutely forlorn.
Has a small income and minimal expenses. No home on earth (yet)


165cm (5'5") in human form, variable in true form
slender, androgynous, fair skin tone
Button nose. Smiles easily, and her smile is positively radiant. smooth and soft, lacks any wrinkles or signs of worry; you might even call her cherubic
Bright blue
Platinum blonde, wavy, and just past shoulder-length
Tends towards typical casual street clothes that blends in with everyone else in town. Comfortable, sensible, active.
In humanoid form, often has 3 sets of wings which can retract into her body. She also enjoys giving herself ox or lion features for fun.


Bubbly - Ana can often be seen full of energy, joy, and laughter.

Empathetic - She frequently seems to feel others' joy, sadness, or pain as her own. The emotional states of others can move her to a degree that others can find jarring.

Mysterious - She draws endless amusement from watching mortals and immortals alike grasp ineffectually at the mysteries she's been steeped in.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

- Elemental Weakness (Unholy)
- Aversion (Desecrated Holy Symbols)
- Magically Dependent
- Restricted Diet (Love)
- True Name Bound ("Anaphiel")
- Lure - Must comfort or aid the acutely forlorn in at least some small way, and cannot pass them by without doing so.

Core Advantage
True Form - Ana can turn into a glowing creature with a multitude of wings and eyes, which also simultaneously looks like a bull, a human, a lion, and an eagle. The human eye has difficulty pinning down which parts of it look like which kind of creature; any part of her true form not actively being focused on will look different when next observed. Looking at her too much can be disorienting or headache-inducing. She has the physical capabilities of all four creatures while in this form, along with the ability to levitate and maneuver midair on a dime. This form's size can be anywhere between half or twice as large as her typical human form.

Ana's mere touch or presence in this form can be harmful to those sensitive to holy energies. Her entire body behaves like holy weapons in this form. In this form, she is four times as durable as normal, except to unholy weapons or magics.

Ana cannot achieve her true form in the presence of sleepers. Furthermore, being observed by a sleeper will cause her to revert to a more humanoid form.

Her partial shifting does not make her presence or touch harmful to some people the way her full true form can. Ox or lion parts are sometimes more difficult to injure than human ones; otherwise her durability is unaffected by partial shifting.
Nerfs and Flavor
- Her restricted diet can best be sated by seeing love between others, experiencing love, or receiving love. She can eat food, but only if it's prepared or set aside for her as an act of love.
- Her magical dependence is primarily satisfied with regular visits to heaven. If these are prevented for much more than a week, she'll most likely waste away and die. (Having her magic somehow drained out will also kill her per usual)
-Her partial shifting can give her lion, ox, or eagle features, or weird glowy wings.

Current Situation

Tour guide, employed by Stefan Jogstad
None on this plane of existence
a few hundred bucks, small income, but low expenses. Very few personal possessions


Date of Birth
Has September 25th as her DoB on her documents
Place of Birth
Heaven, presumably
Anaphiel's personal history stretches back almost as long as creation itself. She remembers seeing some of the first humans and being excited for what those creatures might accomplish in their time on earth.

Much of her existence and purpose is shrouded in mystery, even to many of the much younger angels in the heavens. Such angels have varied opinions about her, her peers, and her philosophy, if she is acknowledged at all. Some find her so confounding that they assume she's either 'broken' or 'not a real angel.' This state of affairs breaks her heart sometimes. She claims that this is a fairly recent development.

She has recently arrived in Polaris pass, taking particular interest in all the demonic refugees from hell there.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Original art commissioned from comitomato
More original art commissioned from Shalfeyy
Anaphiel - "Ana Lewis"

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