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Malina Olcan
280 chronological, 25 physically
Female (mtf), She/Her
Werewolf (Olcan), fae-touched
Forest Ranger

Brown hair in a big braid with a bow in it. Nasty scars on her face, neck and arm. Often dressed like she's about to go hiking.
Straightforward, pragmatic, calm, confident, cynical
Fast, Quick, Durable. Werewolf shifting and weaknesses. Wolf senses. Can teleport between trees if nobody's looking.
Owns a small house out of town. Personally, Has money in savings, and a number of antiques of varying value. Through the pack, she is responsible for a very large house in Aurum Heights.


5'11 (1.8m)
Fair-skinned. Lean. Severe scars on her neck and left forearm. Multiple long scars on her back. Olcan 'brand' tattooed on right shoulder.
Scars on her cheek, nose, and chin.
Brown. Thick. Past shoulder length. Commonly worn in a big braid with a bow in it.
Tends towards sensible, active clothing when she isn't wearing her uniform
In her hybrid form, Malina is far more muscular and grows to about 8'6" fully upright. She is covered in fur and has a wolflike head with wicked fangs. Her hands become much larger and gain sharp, tough claws. She gains a tail. Her fur is mainly black, with accents of white and dark grey - all healthy and even except where interrupted by scars on her neck, shoulders, face, and left arm.


Straightforward - Malina is frank and pragmatic. She calls things as she sees them. If she sees a need for it, she won't shy away from ruffling someone's feathers.

She's Been Around - Malina has the kind of calm and confidence that can only come from experience, and she's experienced a lot in 280 years. It always seems like she knows how to handle whatever kind of situation she runs into, no matter how crazy.

Slow to Trust - Malina tends to have cynical views on people she doesn't already know and like.

Additional Information
Quirk: If she has a couple drinks in her she'll complain about imperialism and manifest destiny, and might forget what century it is.


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
One With the Forest - Malina can teleport between any two living trees that she knows about within a mile of each other. In order to do this, she must touch one of the trees, and she cannot be directly observed by any sapient being. There must also be a side of her destination tree which is not being observed, or else the ability will fail.

Current Situation

Forest Ranger
A small house of her own out in the woods that belongs to her personally. She frequently also stays at the main Olcan house in Aurum Heights.
Income is nothing special, but she's not in debt and has a healthy amount of savings.


Date of Birth
September 6, 1741
Place of Birth
Eastern US - she isn't sure which colony or territory
  • She was the first blood wolf born to the Olcan werewolf pack during Tasha's reign as Alpha
  • Restless and curious when she was a young boy. She often joined her packmates when they met with Native American tribes, and she was fascinated by some gender-nonconforming people she met from these groups.
  • One day after the pack moved to Oregon, she went missing for a few months. When she returned, she looked like a woman. She had been in the realm of the fae and saved the life of a fae prince. In return the fae granted her several boons, including one of her innermost desires - a feminine appearance. It was around this time that she adopted the name Malina. Not all of the pack were happy about it, but between her blood wolf status and Tasha having Malina's back, they generally stayed in line.
  • Malina got her scars in 1928. She had been dating one of the newly-turned werewolves, Dennis - and it ended very poorly when Dennis learned Malina was 'not a real woman' and 'some kind of [homosexual].' Dennis and one of his stray friends later ambushed her. She barely survived. Dennis and his accomplice faced punishment and exile.
  • Malina has been a forest ranger since the 1980s, working primarily around the Polaris Pass area. Her position as a ranger has been very useful to the pack on many occasions.
  • in 2023, Malina became the Alpha of the Olcan werewolf pack

Additional Information

Art Credits
Sayutb - commission
Anything Else
  • She has an old 1998 Jeep which is still in good condition. It is well maintained and rarely sees use
Malina Olcan

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