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Artemis's Spring Equinox / Birthday Party 2024

Nion's family gift for Artemis was:
A specially constructed mint plant in a small pot, with a red bow shaped slightly like a pair of hearts. The tag had basic care and use info, like letting it bask into sunlight for at least 6 hours a day or using an included power cord to charge it up, as well as moisturizing with a water spray bottle. Touching its leaves causes the whole plant to light up like a nightlight, and then touching it again caused it to dim and lose its light.
Leo bought a small poetry book that he had Wednesday prepare for him (she included a card wishing him all the best). Upon reading it, it will conjure a realistic scale illusion of Artemis' favourite location from the Europe trip they went on together. It will effectively look as if he were teleported there for the duration of the spell, and he'll be able to look around it within a small area. The illusion will last 20 minutes at most, and the book can be reused as long as the book spends a night recharging.

this is to make up for not being present when they went to europe lol
Theia had sam enchant a necklace with a mental ward magic'd into it. Anyone who wears it gains the mental immunity advantage. A small card would be paired with it in the box intoning something to the effect of "To protect someone you love or yourself, so that their mind will always be their own." The necklace is a simple gold chain necklace. Meant to be nice, but also in some ways unassuming.
KC gave Artemis her collection of Audre Lorde books, including poetry, philosophy, and political activism. These are her own copies of the books, which have extensive notes in the margins. Reading them, this is probably the most studious KC has ever seemed.

Corrine didn't attend but did send an apology/congratulations letter, a bottle of old, expensive wine, and a book of poetry in a language so old and dead it doesn't register for any omnilingual abilities.

Shara's gift will end up on his nightstand after the party because she's too nervous to give it to him in front of other people. It's a pendant in the shape of a heart, punched out of a piece of scrap metal from her destroyed arm.
Kai bought with him flowers, likely roses, and a necklace, silver chain with a small and ornate pendant, it's a Beau design and it would have been chosen to try and match Artemis' style. There's promise of a date day/night too, Kai wanting to make memories as much as give gifts.

Dietrich has gifted a box containing an assortment of items from his personal collection. There's a few decorative items, (a tankard, some artwork and the corn doll with the green ribbon around its waist) plus five books, each very old and well preserved containing short stories and poetry in French, and German. There is a note thanking Artemis for everything, explaining what these things are and what the corn doll signifies (its intended to protect and watch over the house and those within) and pledging if there is anything Artemis requires of Dietrich, he need only ask.

Suzy has literally no money right now so her present is an IOU: 'free massages, free Nek0's'. She offers to come around and give Artemis the best backrub he's ever had and go through the spreadsheet and murder wall she's now fully assembled. She'd also arrive with a couple of books of piano sheet music as an actual gift when she returns at a later date.
A red and white alabaster chess set using different angles (for the white) and demons (for the red) for the pieces in a glass box.
Oops! Sorry, I am late (as usual). Let's say she delivered her gift and was called away for duty.