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Riley Keegan
18 (past lives don't count)
Nonbinary; any pronouns; presents femme / androgynous
God (reincarnated)
High School Senior

Red headed teenage girl who usually seems grumpy.
Clever. Considerate and morally upright. Confident. Thinks she has the solutions to the world's problems.
Immortal. Durable. Makes things explode.
Lives with her foster family in a house in Aurum Heights. Has her needs met, plus a small allowance.


5'3 (1.60m)
Athletic. Light skin with freckles.
Freckles. Intense eyebrows, almost seems to be scowling when her face relaxes.
Red. Has bangs. Usually worn in a ponytail.
Tends towards androgynous, functional styles when she isn't in school.


Contrarian - Riley is a critical thinker to a fault. She's critical of almost everything new she's told, and sometimes even things coming out of her own mouth. A part of her mind is always trying to hone in on the truth by considering the other side of a question

Divine Confidence - Riley is a literal god incarnate among mortals, and she knows this. She thinks that she has, or will have, the power, wisdom, and determination to solve almost any kind of problem. This is a core part of her identity. It often borders on hubris.

Righteous - Riley has strong moral convictions, and she does her best to live them.

Additional Information
Intense opinions about political issues.


Ability Format
Spellcasting, Standard Traits

Apex Attribute (Durability)
Durability Alteration
+ Minor: Double or halve the durability of an object, no more than twice as massive as Riley's human form, for a few hours.
- Incantation (Minor, Used for all magic), Riley tells their target to either become more or less breakable.
+ Major: Increase or decrease the durability of a living creature's body (by 1x human durability, or down to half normal durability)
- Gesture (Major, Used for major and momentous magic), Riley spends about a minute drawing a complex symbol on her target
+ Momentous: Weaken something as large as a building to the point it collapses under its own weight, or strengthen it by a factor of five for up to a day.
- Patience (Momentous, Used for momentous magic), takes effect 33 days after casting, and only if the symbol Riley has drawn is not itself destroyed

Core Advantage
Explosions: Riley can generate fiery explosions within 8 meters of herself. She can control the shape, intensity, origin, and direction of the blast. One of her strongest concentrated blasts could punch a hole clean through a reinforced concrete wall. Her strongest undirected blast could knock over a car. These explosions are not as loud as they should be - often sounding less like a bomb going off and more like a firecracker. Still noticeable and startling, but not so loud that one needs earplugs to avoid hearing loss.

Riley cannot be harmed by her own explosions. However, she can intentionally point a concentrated one at herself to propel herself through the air - this is difficult to control, and while the blast itself wouldn't hurt her, she could still collide with something.

When she uses this ability, her eyes glow. Especially powerful blasts require her to concentrate with her eyes glowing for between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on how tired she is, before the blast actually happens. Using this ability is always tiring, but this is especially the case with her most powerful blasts. One especially strong blast will leave her winded. Two within a few hours of each other will leave her feeling like she ran a marathon. Three in a row is likely to make her pass out from exhaustion.
removed a weakness

Current Situation

High school Senior at True North Academy
Lives in a house with her foster family in Aurum Heights
Small allowance, and can sometimes get her foster family to buy things for her.


Date of Birth
13 December
Place of Birth
Baltimore, Maryland
Riley had started speaking in full, articulate sentences by the time she was 18 months old. This was, of course, very strange. Stranger still were the things she'd revealed to them - including the fact that the vivid, shared dreams her parents had before her birth were prophetic, and that she was the reincarnation of a god most mortals had forgotten. She asked them to keep her true nature secret, and she gradually awakened them to the existence of the supernatural.

Riley did not retain much of her memories from her past lives. She could speak old dialects of languages like Chinese and Russian. and she knew eerily specific details about wars that ended centuries ago. By three years old, she had started talking with her parents about ethical philosophy, history, and current events. Some of her lessons rubbed off on her father - who worked for the Pentagon.

When she was nine years old, there was a raid on her home. Riley still doesn't know a lot of details - only that her father had commit some type of crime against the country. Her mother died, and her father went into federal custody. This left Riley without parents who could care for her, though she would occasionally be allowed to have heavily monitored phone calls with her father.

The only close relative of hers who could take her in was her uncle - a war veteran with a drinking problem who lived halfway across the country in Oregon. He tried his best, but it was clear from early on that it wasn't going to work out. Riley actually convinced him to give her up to the foster care system voluntarily.

Luckily enough for her, she ended up with Hudson Rogers, who was an enormous help when her powers manifested (sometimes causing unavoidable property damage). Along with a scholarship, Hudson helped her attend True North Academy. She has excelled academically. In her junior year, she became class president.

Additional Information

Art Credits
  • art commissioned from 3va4an
Anything Else
She knows several languages and numerous eerily specific details about history, especially military history.

Some of her parents' money is available to her in the form of a trust, which she has limited access to.
Riley Keegan

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